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Perkie's Observations: Robin and Anna Are Reunited on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Kimberly McCullough

Finola Hughes, Kimberly McCullough

Robin's in town and visiting her bridge when she runs into Sonny and his gun. He says the gun is for protection, but Robin wonders if he plans on using it on himself. She tells Sonny how she felt the same after her diagnosis, but ended up having a future.

Sonny says Morgan is dead because of him. Robin feels that Stone would be ashamed of Sonny because he fought so hard for his own life. Robin says suicide doesn't solve anything. It just destroys families.

Sonny feels no one needs him and that he's a danger to them. Robin calls it cowardice and says he'll be remembered for his weakness. Robin says if Sonny is responsible for Morgan's death, that it's his responsibility to live with it. She feels he shouldn't run out on his debt or his family. Sonny gives his word that he won't do anything.

Michael worries that Sonny is worse off than any of them realize. Carly points out that they're all grieving, but Michael thinks Sonny might be pushed to the edge. Michael also feels like a bad brother and Carly warns him not to keep his feelings bottled up.

Michael complains that Sonny never means for bad things to happen and yet, they always do. He realizes that Sonny will never change and that it's their fault for not realizing that.

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Griffin's unsure about his parental abilities. Anna tells him her story of how she wasn't able to care for Robin and gave her up. Anna admits that she always regretted that decision. Anna feels all Griffin needs is human instinct and love (and a DNA test and a legal document stating that he has legal rights).

Jason walks in on Curtis in Sonny's office. He wants to know who hired him to investigate Sonny. Curtis reminds Jason of the meaning of confidentiality. Jason claims Sonny didn't set the bomb and if he did, wouldn't leave evidence in his own office. The two discuss the bomb and how it was set.

Jordan warns Valerie about Curtis and tells her that he's working for Julian. Jordan feels Curtis is still dirty, but Valerie feels Curtis wouldn't jeopardize her career.

Valerie confronts Curtis about working for Julian, but he says he's come to his senses. Valerie admits that Jordan warned her about him, but Curtis says he wouldn't use her. Valerie has to step out. She puts Morgan's file on the desk. Curtis is torn about looking at it. The file gets knocked to the ground, so Curtis takes photos of the evidence.

Jordan stops by Sonny's office and finds Jason. She tells him that she found the person who planted the bomb and figures he'll squeal on Sonny to save himself. Jordan tells Jason that she's close to getting the evidence she needs to put Sonny away for murder.

Anna and Robin reunite.

Charlotte turns to Griffin for comfort.