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Perkie's Observations: Wyndemere Has a New Owner on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis. Emme Rylan

Nancy Lee Grahn, Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis. Emme Rylan

Port Charles is ready to celebrate Halloween!

Bobbie and Carly commiserate over the loss of Morgan. Bobbie understands because she lost BJ. Carly says she can't deal with the pain.

Laura throws a party to say goodbye to Wyndemere. Kevin stops by on his way to giving out candy at Mercy Hospital.

Sam stops by to see Alexis. Alexis is surprised when Danny mentions that they will be moving. Alexis decides she wants to go to the Wyndemere farewell party.

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Lulu and Maxie discuss Halloween, kids, and New Year's Eve weddings.

Nathan tells Dante that he's trying to locate Claudette. Dante says, according to the WSB, Valentin is still locked up.

Nelle tells Carly that she's worried about Sonny. Nelle apologizes for shirking her duties at the hotel to take care of Avery. Bobbie is suspicious of Nelle.

Kristina and Sonny cry over their failings with Morgan. Sonny regrets how things were left with Morgan. Sonny has a dream of him making up with Morgan.

Someone dressed in Kevin's costume arrives at Wyndemere. Laura assumes that it's Kevin and lets him in. Lulu reminisces about Nikolas. Laura gets a call from realtor Lucy that there may be a problem with the sale. Laura reveals that she doesn't own the house and wonders who does.

Kevin shows up. Fake Kevin pulls off his mask to reveal, duh, duh, duh, Valentin, who says he owns Wyndemere.