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Perkie's Observations: Liz Handles a Jealous Franco on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Halloween continues in Port Charles...

Ava arrives at Wyndemere. Valentin reveals himself. Dante pulls a gun. Valentin claims that he's a free man and hands Dante a legal document. Dante calls Jordan to confirm it. Alexis inspects the document, which shows that all charges against Valentin were dismissed and now he is a free man.

Franco's annoyed to find Liz hanging out with Jason at the Metro Court party. Liz accuses him of assuming the worst. She reminds him that she and Jason are no longer together but that they are still co-parenting.

Kiki runs into Dillon, but doesn't want anything to do with him. Dillon says she's not responsible for Morgan's death, but Kiki feels disloyal.

Sonny thinks a kid at his door is Morgan, but it turns out to be someone there on a dare. Sonny roughs him up a bit before Jason appears and breaks it up. Jason comforts Sonny and tells him that the police are getting ready to link the bomb maker to him. Sonny doesn't care since nothing will bring Morgan back. Jason offers to stay with Sonny, but he says he's fine and sends him off.

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Nina is delighted when Charlotte shows up at her door. Then she's disappointed when she finds out that Griffin is her father and not Nathan. Nina admits she thought she would get a chance to look after Charlotte. She asks where Claudette is and Griffin tells her that she has disappeared.

Ava complains that Valentin killed Nikolas in cold blood. He claims it was an accident and it's her word against his. Laura wonders how he can be Wyndemere's owner, so Valentin pulls out the paperwork that Nikolas signed. Alexis checks it out and declares the document to be legitimate. Valentin wants them all to get along.

Charlotte has a temper tantrum. Liz helps Griffin out in dealing with her. This also makes Franco jealous because he's a 13 year-old girl, though that's an insult to all 13 year-old girls.

Liz accuses Franco of being jealous and acting like a moron. Franco complains that he's behaving this way because they haven't had sex yet. I guess that should have happened while she was recovering from spleen surgery. Instead of telling Franco to @##$ off, Liz gives him a kiss and promises that things will happen when the time is right.

Dillon complains to Nina about Kiki. Nina says she's going through a process and when she comes out the other side, Kiki will need Dillon.

Valentin pays Nina a visit.

Sonny calls Diane to get his affairs in order.