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Perkie's Observations: Monica Welcomes Her Staff Home on General Hospital

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Leslie Charleson, Kathleen Gati, John Beradino

Leslie Charleson, Kathleen Gati, John Beradino

General Hospital reopens to patients and staff alike.

Monica gathers the staff for a rah-rah speech on the reopening and publicly thanks Tracy for everything she did. Franco's jealous because no one wants to thank him for getting Heather's confession.  

Alexis is hungover when Valentin shows up. She tells him that he's not welcome, but he wants to offer her a job as a consultant. Valentin wants her help in determining his claim on Wyndemere so they can both get the inheritance they deserve.  

Alexis denies being anything like him. Valentin points out that she's on suspension for a reason. He says they were both cast aside by their father, thanks to Helena's influence. Alexis says she has no interest in the estate and can't inherit it anyway since she's a woman. Valentin says he would share it with her if she can prove that he's the legal owner. He claims he will leave town if Alexis finds out that Spencer is the true owner.  

Valerie tells Curtis how happy she is that he turned down the job with Julian. The two make cute for a few minutes before Curtis heads off. Valerie checks out his phone and sees the photo of Morgan's file. When Curtis returns, Valerie confronts him about the photo.  

Valerie accuses Curtis of taking advantage of her. She says that she could lose her job. Curtis swears he wasn't deceiving her. Valerie says Jordan warned her that she couldn't trust him and breaks up with him.  

Jason tells Sam that she and the baby are fine. He says the pain was nothing serious and that she's being released. He feels that they need a slower life.

Griffin thanks Anna for taking him and Charlotte in. Anna feels the child is safer living with her. Dante arrives to update her on Valentin. Anna offers her condolences for Morgan. Dante admits he feels that he failed his brother.  

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Hayden overhears Franco complain about the lack of praise. She points out that Heather was the reason the hospital was forced to shut down in the first place. Liz questions why she's at the hospital meeting since it's for staff only. Hayden says she was hired to be the hospital's financial manager to trim the fat.  

Tracy tries to get Finn to admit that he has feelings for Hayden. He claims that he doesn't. Finn thanks her for getting Hayden a job at the hospital.  

Franco complains to Liesl that Monica didn't thank him and that no one lets him forget his past. Liesl points out that he has a bad habit of screwing things up. Franco says he's trying to be a better person. Liesl says he's hiding his true self and wonders how long it will be before he explodes. Franco swears he won't be jealous anymore, but Liesl points out that Liz and Griffin are chatting together.  

Griffin thanks Liz for helping with Charlotte's tantrum and tells her that they are staying with Anna for safety. Griff mentions Franco's jealousy the night before, which Liz says she understands.  

Hayden thanks Finn for helping her get the job at the hospital, but he denies having any hand in it. Hayden apologizes to him for the nasty things she said to him about his wife. He offers to be her hospital buddy. Hayden says she has feelings for him and is not interested in being buddies.  

Jason and Sam are not happy to see Valentin at Alexis'. Jason threatens him and Valentin leaves. Sam asks her mother about Valentin's offer. She isn't happy to hear what it is. Alexis says if she can prove that Valentin has no claim on the estate, then he will leave as promised.  

Franco interrupts Liz and Griffin's conversation and apologizes to Griffin for his jealousy the night before. He thinks they should get to know each other since they work together.  

Monica offers Liesl a chance to get out of the records room and back to treating patients.

Curtis leaves Julian a message to call him because he has information about Sonny. Jason overhears and wants to know what the info is.  

Anna shows up at Valentin's hotel room door.