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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Makes Plans to Fly on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Chloe Lanier

Maurice Benard, Chloe Lanier

Valentin invites Anna into his room. She says he looks familiar and wonders if they've met before, which he denies. Anna demands to know why he's in Port Charles. Valentin claims he's here to reconnect with his family, which Anna doesn't believe.

Anna says Valentin has a long rap sheet and informs him she's going to keep tabs on him. Valentin says he's an innocent man, but Anna doesn't accept that. She also wonders why there is no record of his existence before five years ago. Valentin offers to take a DNA test. He complains about being cast aside by his father because of Helena.

Anna says that Valentin inflicting cruelty on others makes him no better than those that inflicted it on him. Anna calls him a little man, which makes Valentin angry. Anna warns him that if he hurts anyone in town, she'll make sure he pays.

Nathan tells Griffin that children's services have gotten wind of Claudette's disappearance and are asking questions about Charlotte. He says Claudette is the parent on record and that Griffin needs to take a DNA test to prove his paternity in order to keep Charlotte with him.

Griffin worries that taking a test will alert Valentin of Charlotte's whereabouts, but Nathan wants him to claim full legal custody. Later, Griffin takes a cheek swab.

Nina confronts Maxie about Charlotte not being Nathan's daughter. Maxie says she was busy being kidnapped and brings up Valentin's name. Nina is forced to tell Maxie about her recent meeting with him. Nina begs Maxie not to tell Nathan about her visit with Valentin. Nathan arrives and overhears them.

Dante calls Lulu down to the station and shows her that they have Daphne in the interrogation room. Apparently, Robert found and sent her to Dante before being taking her into WSB custody. Lulu questions Daphne. She asks why she was on the island and why Valentin hired her.

Daphne says Helena is the one that hired her to be a surrogate for the Stavros-Lulu embryo. Lulu says that was her embryo and asks where her child is. Daphne says the embryo turned out not to be viable and Helena was forced to dispose of it.

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Daphne is taken away. Lulu decides that it's time to accept that there won't be another child and that they are blessed to have Rocco.

Jason wants answers from Curtis. He feels Jason is worried that Curtis will be able to prove that Sonny is guilty. Curtis thinks Jason wants to bury evidence and that it's his job to find the truth. Jason says he'll have Spin hack into Curtis' phone. Curtis shows Jason the forensic report.

Curtis says the report shows that the bomb ingredients are banned in the US, but were smuggled in from Puerto Rico. He believes this points the finger at Sonny. Later, a uniformed cop picks up Curtis.

Sonny hands Carly papers that he's starting a foundation in Morgan's name to benefit those with mental illness. Carly is surprised at the amount of money that Sonny is giving away and says it won't absolve him. Sonny says he's hoping to find some peace and that he wants to speak at Morgan's funeral, which Carly agrees to.

Carly shows Jason the paperwork for the foundation and Jason is surprised at the money that Sonny is spending. Carly thinks that it's a manic episode, but Jason knows that Sonny is taking his meds. Carly says she can't take care of Sonny, she can barely take care of herself.

Carly asks Nelle to go over to the house to get a few things of Morgan's to bury since there's no body. When Nelle gets to the house, she overhears Sonny on the phone with Diane. Sonny says he wants the family taken care of before he leaves town after Morgan's funeral.

Sonny demands to know how much Nelle overheard. She says she knows that he's skipping town and that Carly and Michael deserve to know. Sonny says he's caused too much pain and that the family doesn't need to know until after he's gone.

Anna lets Griffin know that she spoke with Valentin and that he never mentioned Claudette or Charlotte. She believes though, that Valentin is hiding something dangerous.

Valentin takes out his box of stuff and pulls out a picture of a very young Anna.