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Perkie's Observations: Ava Gets a Mysterious Message on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Jason and Sam try to find information on the bombing. Sam talks to Pete, Julian's driver, and asks for his version of the night of the accident. When Sam gets nothing, Jason steps in and demands answers. Pete gets shot before he can say anything.

Kiki tells Ava that she can't forgive herself for breaking Morgan's heart. Ava doesn't like that Carly is blaming Kiki. Ava wants Kiki to get away and possibly go back to school. Ava feels Kiki isn't responsible for what happened to Morgan, despite Kiki's feelings. Ava feels Sonny is the only one responsible because he set the bomb.

Nelle gives Carly a journal that she found in Morgan's room. Carly reads it and learns that Morgan was taking his meds, as expected, and was in control of his illness. Carly notices changes in Morgan's writing and decides there was something wrong with the meds.

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Jordan confronts Curtis about Morgan's file, and how he compromised Valerie's career. Jordan thinks she should file charges against him, but decides against it. She does however, vow never to let him become a police officer again.

Alexis agrees to help Valentin find out if he's got a legal claim to Wyndemere. She asks him questions about the night Nikolas signed over his fortune to Valentin. Alexis points out that his answers are different than Ava's account of that night. Valentin dismisses Ava. Alexis says the documents weren't notarized and therefore, not legal.

Anna's still worried about Valentin' plans and is determined to use her resources to find out what they are. Griffin says he's going to leave the priesthood to be a father to Charlotte. The three head out to dinner where they run into Valentin.

Griffin warns Valentin to stay away from Charlotte. Valentin says that he's Charlotte's father.

Ava gets a text from someone who knows what she did to Morgan.