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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Gets a Jolt on General Hospital

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Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen

Carly shows Sonny Morgan's journal and declares that there was something wrong with his medications. Sonny thinks the meds were fine, but that Morgan had stopped taking them. Carly insists that Morgan would have no reason to lie in a private journal.

Liz tells Franco that she's taking an art class at PCU and would like him to pose for her. Franco points out that he's a controversial figure in the art world and wonders if Liz is worried what people will think. Liz isn't worried and Franco says he trusts her. Liz and Franco share a kiss.

Lulu and Dante discuss how blessed they are to have Rocco. Lulu finds her engagement ring amongst the Halloween candy. Dante proposes. Lulu feels lucky that they've found their way back to each other and accepts.

Griffin warns off Valentin, who claims Charlotte is his daughter. Anna opens the DNA results that show that Griffin isn't her father. Griffin is shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya, that Claudette's lying pants are still on fire.

Valentin shows them Charlotte's birth certificate that shows he's the father of record. Anna still doesn't believe it, so Valentin cuts himself on a knife and gives her some blood to do a DNA test. He offers to leave Charlotte with them until they get the results, but warns that he isn't going anywhere.

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Andre interrupts Curtis and Jordan's intense moment. After Curtis leaves, Jordan explains that he's always interfering and gets under her skin. Andre tells her that he's planning on attending Morgan's funeral even though he knows CarSon will likely unload on him.

Jason calls 9-1-1 as Pete dies before telling him anything. Curtis comes across the scene, but says he was with Jordan and couldn't have been the one to shoot Pete. Curtis is suspicious that the person who can implicate Sonny is now dead. Jason grabs Pete's cell phone before the police arrive. Curtis wants a look at it as well.

Lucy meets Ava in the alley and says she's the one that texted her. She saw Ava dump Morgan's pill bottle in the garbage. Lucy believes the reason is because Ava and Morgan were hooking up again and thinks she should tell CarSon. Ava begs her not to say anything, claiming it would just hurt them more.

Then, Ava pleads to the mother in Lucy not to hurt Kiki this way. Lucy agrees not to tell, but warns her that she's holding onto the pills. Lucy points out that if she saw Ava dump the pills, someone else might have seen it as well.

Curtis calls Jordan to apologize, but Andre intercepts and tells him to leave Jordan alone.

Sonny heads upstairs to find Morgan's medications and tells Carly that the lithium is missing. Carly has a problem with this, but Sonny explains that if Morgan felt the meds weren't working, he would have tossed out the lithium first. Sonny says Morgan didn't die because of his meds. Carly says they both failed him.