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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Gives Hayden a Warning on General Hospital

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Rebecca Budig, Jane Elliot

Rebecca Budig, Jane Elliot

Franco and Liz decide to take their kissing upstairs when she gets a call from Pentonville. Liz explains that her rapist is up for parole and that he's no longer considered a threat. Liz feels he'll always be a threat to her.

Liz says there is a parole board hearing tomorrow and wants him to remain locked up. Franco agrees that she should write a victim impact statement and email it to the board. Franco offers to leave, but when he sees how upset Liz is, he stays to comfort her.

Alexis shows Diane the Greek document from Valentin to double check it's authenticity. Diane claims that Mikkos changed his will before he died and that everything now belongs to Valentin.

Curtis updates Julian on the case. Julian is surprised to hear that Pete's been killed. He's thrilled to hear that Curtis is collaborating with JaSam. Curtis wonders if Pete double crossed Julian.

Jason explains to Sam how Pete was killed before he could say anything. She wonders what information Pete had that someone was willing to kill for. The two go through Pete's phone and find a number that he called the night of the bombing. Sam manages to figure out that someone named Oscar Jessup called Pete. Jason wonders if someone other than Sonny's broker planted the bomb.

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Finn's trying to figure out his research in the lab when Brad (who?!) shows up. Brad's upset that Finn has taken over again. Finn gets angry when Brad touches his concoctions. Brad notices Finn's hand shaking and asks if Finn has infected himself. Finn claims that it's low blood sugar and asks to be left alone to his work.

A mean board member berates Hayden about the hospital's financial situation. He warns that if she doesn't get them out of fiscal trouble in a reasonable amount of time, that she'll be fired. Tracy comes to her defense, but once he's gone she warns Hayden not to fail since the community needs the hospital.

Brad complains to Tracy about Finn and his weirdness in the lab. Tracy sends Hayden to check on Finn. Brad says he's worried about whatever dangerous pathogens Finn is working with. He refuses to risk his life. Tracy promises to talk to Finn.

Finn drops his beaker of potions on the floor and leaves the room to find something to clean it up. While he's gone Hayden comes in looking for him and steps in the broken glass. When Finn returns he freaks out when he sees her picking the broken glass out of her shoe.

Alexis is called to pick up Danny from the Quartermaines. Julian's concerned about her drinking, but Diane warns him to back off. Alexis and Danny make cookies then Alexis falls asleep and wakes up to burning cookies and a missing Danny.

Mean board member meets with Julian to gloat that the hospital won't get out from under the financial problems. Julian's thrilled he'll get his luxury condos. Tracy sees them together.