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Perkie's Observations: Jax Returns to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Ingo Rademacher

Laura Wright, Ingo Rademacher

Carly and Sonny prepare for Morgan's funeral "tomorrow". Griffin overhears Carly snarking out Sonny and comes to his defense. According to Griffin, since Sonny cancelled the hit, it negates the immorality of ordering the hit in the first place.

Michael thanks Nelle for all of her help. He has another conversation about his childhood with Morgan and how he failed him as a brother. One of Nelle's jobs these days is to be Sonny's number one cheerleader, so she reminds Michael that his father is suffering too. Michael points out that Sonny could have made different choices.

Maxie gets a package from Claudette's mom (who apparently knew Maxie's address in order to send it to her). The package contains a letter to Nathan explaining that Claudette was supposed to remain in contact with her mother and it's been three days since Mom heard from her. So, as one does when their child is missing, Mom sent Nathan a letter on lovely stationery. Also included was an "if your reading this than Valentin has caught me" letter from Claudette. Seriously show?

Nina runs into Valentin, who mentions that Charlotte is his daughter. Nina thinks that he's a lying liar who's pants are on fire. Val says there is a DNA test pending. Nina brings up Maxie's kidnapping. Valentin denies being behind it. Valentin says he'd never harm his daughter. Since Nina's baby rabies isn't cured yet, she decides to hang out with him.

Danny decided to hang out in the kitchen while the cookies burned and the smoke alarm was ringing (seriously any other child would have run out of the room, it's not like the room was on fire and he was trapped in there.) Alexis gets him out. Laura shows up asking if the note from Valentin was legit.

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Alexis explains that Mikkos changed his will, but hid it from Helena. After Helena's death, Valentin got the will and is the rightful owner of everything Cassadine. Laura wonders why Nikolas had to die (as do most fans).

Finn freaks out that Hayden walked into the broken glass because it's touching it with her bare hands. Gee Finn, maybe you shouldn't have left the door of the lab unlocked for anyone to wander in and get exposed to toxic chemicals.

Finn notices the paper cut on Hayden's hand and fears that she's been exposed to his mysterious no name disease. He tells her that she'll need to be tested and monitored, but Hayden takes off.

Sonny complains to Griffin that God is punishing him for the life he's chosen, but Griffin doesn't believe that's God's plan. Sonny has decided to take responsibility and tells Griffin to take care of his family afterwards. So, by taking responsibility, he really means he's going to bail on everyone.

Carly tells Nelle that she doesn't know how she's going to get through Morgan's funeral. Jax arrives and offers to be there for her. Carly thinks Jax will say "I told you so" for bringing Sonny back into her children's lives, but Jax is not that kind of man. Nelle watches from afar with an evil look on her face.

Laura heads to Wyndemere to pack her things. Hayden shows up (why? we saw her move out at least a month ago). Hayden passes out. That is one fast acting disease Finn has.