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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Has Plans for Carly on General Hospital

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Chloe Lanier, Maurice Benard

Chloe Lanier, Maurice Benard

As they get ready for Morgan's funeral, Carly thanks Jax for staying the night with her. She blames herself for failing Morgan and believing Sonny had changed. Jax says she's not responsible for Sonny's choices, but Carly feels she lied to herself.

Nelle stops by Sonny's to get clothes for Carly and lets it drop that Jax is in town. Nelle thinks Sonny is leaving after the funeral and tells him not to because his family needs him. Sonny thinks they can only begin to heal once he's gone. Sonny gives her the note to give to Carly after the service.

Sam stops by to pick up Alexis for the funeral and finds out from Danny what happened the night before. Sam spots the open bottle of wine and questions whether Alexis was drunk while babysitting. Alexis denies it, explaining that Laura needed a drink.

Franco's upset that Liz didn't let him stay the night to comfort her. Liz mentions how Lucky, then Jason, helped her through the rape the first time. Franco hopes that someday she can feel comfortable with him.

Finn shows up at Wyndemere looking for Hayden as she wakes up from the floor. Laura wonders what's going on. Finn admits that Hayden was exposed to some toxins. Finn examines Hayden and declares that she has sepsis and needs to get her to the hospital.

Franco complains to Liesl that just as he's almost gotten into Liz's pants, the whole rapist thing has come up to mess with his plans. Franco is determined that Tom will never hurt Liz again.

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Brad continues to complain about Finn's activities in the lab and tells Liz that a HAZMAT team is down there cleaning up the mess. Later, Brad says he knows what Finn has been working with. Liesl decides she has the ammo she needs to get rid of Finn.

Jax thanks Nelle for helping Carly, then asks about her kidney surgery. Nelle says she doesn't remember much, except that her father needed the money.

Sonny talks to Kristina before the service and tells her to be the best person she can be. Kristina wonders why it sounds like he's saying goodbye, but Sonny reassures her that it's just about his love for her.

Liz gets a call that Tom has been paroled and released.

Nelle looks at the letter to Carly and evilly declares that her life will go from bad to worse.

Kristina is not happy that Carly brought Jax to the funeral, even though he practically raised Morgan.

Jax offers Sonny his condolences, then wonders why he brought a gun to the funeral.