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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Finally Has a Funeral on General Hospital

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Everyone arrives at the church for Morgan's funeral. Jax questions Sonny's fashion accessory, but he feels he needs the gun to protect himself. Kristina biatches out Carly for Jax's presence Carly biatches back that Jax is there for Josslyn. I tell Kristina to take a couple of seats. Carly leans on Bobbie for support.

Kiki has second thoughts about attending, but Dillon arrives and convinces her to go in. Griffin and Anna update Lante about Charlotte's paternity issues. Olivia offers Sonny her condolences and is confused when he tells her to take care of Dante.

Liz tells Franco that Tom is being released and will be back in PC by evening. Franco declares that he'll stop Tom from hurting Liz. Later, Franco finds out where Tom will be staying.

Julian demands answers from Jordan about the investigation, but she just says that she's following all leads. Julian points out that he hired Curtis to investigate, so Jordan feels the need to warn Curtis to back off.

Curtis tells Julian that he thinks Pete was lured away from the car so someone could put the bomb in it.

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Max finds the broker, so Jason questions how the bomb ended up in the car since Sonny cancelled the hit. The broker swears his guy isn't responsible, so Jason demands a meeting with the hit man.

Finn brings Hayden to the hospital and explains to Liz that she was infected in the lab. Liz demands to know what their dealing with, but Finn doesn't tell her. Laura calls Tracy, who's worried this will cause the board to fire Finn.

Finn declares that only he can save Hayden. Tracy offers to have him treat her at the mansion. Finn convinces Liz to get the supplies he'll need to treat her there.

Kristina says a few words. Then Michael eulogizes Morgan. Josslyn sings Amazing Grace. Carly tries to speak, but is overcome with grief. Jason comforts her. Alexis feels Sam has had enough and sends her girls home.

Sonny addresses the crowd and blames himself. He decides Morgan needs peace. He adds that the only way he'll achieve is if he kills himself. Sonny pulls out his gun.