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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Takes the Blame on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

Sonny pulls out his gun, puts it down, and declares himself responsible for Morgan's death. Jordan asks if he's confessing. Jason tells him not to. Sonny addresses Carly and apologizes for breaking his promise to stop the violence. Then, he turns to Michael and absolves him of feeling responsible. Sonny says he needs to take responsibility and tells Dante to arrest him.

Ava tells Scott that Lucy has the pills and knows that Ava had them. She wants Scott to get the pills back from Lucy. Scott calls Lucy and sets up a date. Ava asks what he wants in exchange, but Scott says she'll owe him.

Laura finds Valentin waiting for her at Wyndemere. She tells him she'll be moving out. Valentin offers to let her stay because they will always be family. He mentions his daughter. Kevin arrives and Valentin leaves. Laura tells Kevin that she's moving out and going to Lulu's. Kevin offers to have her move in with him, but Laura feels that it's too soon. The two kiss and Lulu shows up.

Jordan and Dante take Sonny to the station. Dante tells Sonny to call Diane, but Sonny says he's ready to take responsibility. Jordan drags Dante off for a chat, which allows Jason to duck into the interrogation room. He tells Sonny not to talk.

Carly can't believe that Sonny confessed. She worries what will happen to the kids, especially Avery. I don't know Carly, maybe Avery will go back to living with the parent who actually has custody. Her mother. Jax feels Sonny did the right thing and is protecting his family.

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Michael thanks Nelle for all of her support. Later, Nelle reads Sonny's letter to Carly.

Carly's not happy to see that Andre was at the funeral. He says he wanted to pay his respects and knows that everyone loved Morgan. Carly says she wants to discuss something with him about Morgan's last days.

Dante's aware of the conflict of interest, but wants to sit in on the interview with Sonny. Jordan wonders if he's ready to hear what his father has to say. Dante feels he owes it to Morgan to hear the truth.

Nina's babysitting Charlotte (huh?). Valentin shows up. Anna and Griffin pick her up. Griffin gets the DNA results that prove that Valentin is the father. He wants to take Charlotte, but Anna stops him.

Laura explains to Lulu that Valentin owns everything. Lulu extends her invitation to have her mother stay with them.

Jason tells Sonny not to plead guilty and explains that he spoke to the broker and that things didn't happen as Sonny believes.

Carly's not ready to leave the funeral because she'll have to start her life without Morgan. Jax tells her to do it for Josslyn.