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Perkie's Observations: Dr. Obrecht Taunts Liz on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Kathleen Gati

Rebecca Herbst, Kathleen Gati

Jason explains to Sonny that his broker called off the hit, which would not have been a car bomb. That means someone else is responsible for setting the bomb. Jason promises to find out what actually happened.

Liz finds Franco acting suspiciously. He claims he was only planning on picking up dinner for her and the boys. Liz believes him, but Dr. Obrecht wonders what the truth is. Franco explains that he's trying to save Liz because Tom Baker has been released. Liesl doesn't want Franco to get into trouble for Liz, but Franco wants to keep her safe.

Anna refuses to let Valentin take Charlotte, pointing out that he doesn't have custody and will need to petition the courts. She feels Charlotte should continue to stay with Griffin until the courts make a decision. Valentin allows them to take Charlotte away.

Carly doesn't understand why Sonny would confess. Nelle gives his letter. It reads that he put all of his money in trusts for the kids before his assets could be frozen after his arrest. Carly worries about Avery, and that Sonny going to prison doesn't do any good since it won't bring Morgan back.

Diane shows up at the station wanting to speak to Sonny alone. Dante tells her that Sonny has confessed. Jordan is not happy to see Jason in the interrogation room, but Diane makes enough noise so that Jordan allows him to leave.

Sonny tells them that he's changed his mind, that he has nothing to say to the police. Dante's angry that Sonny isn't talking.

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Nelle offers comfort to Michael, who feels he was too hard on his mother. Nelle says it's not his job to fix everything and that he needs to grieve.

Anna speaks to someone at child services. She lets Griffin know that he can keep Charlotte for now, but they need written consent from Claudette, who's still missing. Anna says he needs to prove that he's the better parent than Valentin and wonders if Griffin is ready to be a parent.

Griffin claims he's ready to fight for Charlotte. Anna says he's like family to her and will testify on his behalf.

Liz questions Liesl about Franco. Liesl calls her a terrible, horrible person, which is rich coming from her. Liz doesn't understand why she's being attacked and says Franco pursued her. Liesl storms off, but not before she drops Franco's note with the address on it. Liz looks up the address and sees that it's the Baker homestead.

Jason finds Carly to discuss Sonny, but she doesn't want to hear it. Jason tells her that Sonny is innocent that someone else planted the bomb. Jason says Sonny will be charged with murder and that he needs Carly now.

Franco shows up at the Baker home. No one answers when he knocks. He lets himself in and confronts Tom.

Sonny tells Diane what he said at the church and she figures she can spin it. Jordan and Dante return and place him under arrest for attempted murder on Julian and the murder of Morgan.