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Perkie's Observations: Jax Shares a Secret with Alexis on General Hospital

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Ingo Rademacher, Nancy Lee Grahn

Ingo Rademacher, Nancy Lee Grahn

Carly visits Sonny in jail. She mentions that Jason told her that someone else set the bomb. Carly knows that Jason will find out who it was and asks if Sonny plans on retaliating. Sonny says he hasn't processed everything yet. Carly gets angry and says that once the violence starts, it can't be controlled. Carly tells him that he needs to change.

Franco attacks Tom with a fire poker. Tom claims he's done his time and paid for his crime, but Franco says he hasn't paid for the crime against Liz. Tom says he's changed, he's not the same man, and has no plans to attack Liz again. Franco doesn't care and chokes Tom with the poker.

Liz worries about what Franco might be doing and leaves him several messages. She plans on heading over to the Baker house. She gets a call from Finn that Hayden's worse and they need her to steal more supplies for them.

Hayden wakes up at the Quartermaine mansion confused. Finn explains everything that happened and promises to do everything to help her. Liz arrives with supplies and wonders what Hayden was exposed to that's making her so sick. Finn dodges the question. Liz tells him to be more honest with her the next time he wants her to steal supplies.

Jax and Alexis end up in a bar outside of PC. Alexis blames herself for Morgan's death since she let Julian into their lives. Jax admits he has a secret that could ruin Carly's life. Jax explains that when Josslyn was sick, he did everything to save her, including searching the black market for a kidney.

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Jax says Carly doesn't know his involvement and isn't sure what Nelle knows. Alexis tells him to tell Carly, that she'll understand his desperation. Jax is ready to leave, but Alexis decides to stay and continue drinking.

Scott wants his date with Lucy to be at her place, but she wants to be wined and dined at the restaurant. Scott does his best to convince her, but Lucy pulls out the bottle of pills and says she knows that's why he wanted to get into her place.

Lucy's upset that Scott would be loyal to Ava instead of her and plans on telling Kiki. Scott stops her and says they now have something on Ava and not to lose their leverage.

Kiki admits to Ava that she misses Morgan. Ava says she snuck in after everyone left to say her goodbyes. Kiki explains that Sonny confessed. Ava says it won't bring Morgan back and Sonny did the right thing.

Nelle wants to distract Michael from his grief and the two play chess, which Michael wins. The two joke and get close. When Michael happens to touch her hand, Nelle backs off, worried that things will get awkward between them. Michael offers friendship only, which Nelle accepts.

Liz is relieved to see Franco back at the hospital. He promises her that Tom will never hurt her again.

Tom buys Alexis a drink.