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Perkie's Observations: Liz Questions Franco's Intentions on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Carly notices Nelle being cutesy with Michael and questions him on what's going on between them. Michael assures her that they are only friends.  

Alexis wakes up in a dingy motel room and tries to piece together what happened the night before. She hears the shower running and goes into the bathroom, but finds it empty. She remembers getting stinking drunk with Tom, but it turns out she ended up at the motel by herself. 

Liz demands to know what Franco did to Tom the night before. She's unhappy when she hears that he threatened Tom. Liz is upset and worried that Franco will ruin the life that he's building. He feels everything he did was worth the risk. 

 Liz worries that Tom will be more interested in her now that Franco has paid him a visit. Liz points out that Franco lied to her and she needs full honesty from him. Franco promises that he won't lie to her anymore.    

Anna and Griffin receive a notice to appear in family court to contest the custody of Charlotte. Anna is determined to act in Charlotte's best interest since Valentin is a criminal.

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Bobbie catches Nelle going through Carly's purse and confronts her. Carly says Nelle was taking the bank deposit. Carly speaks to Bobbie privately, who feels Nelle has an agenda and that she doesn't trust her. Carly dismisses her worries. 

 At the custody hearing, the judge announces that everything will be resolved today. Anna has a letter from Claudette that Valentin is dangerous. She is forced to admit that no one knows where she is. She also has a letter from Claudette's grandmother and affidavits from everyone traumatized on Cassadine Island.  

The judge questions Griffin's intentions. He says he plans on leaving the priesthood to raise Charlotte. Valentin tells the judge that Charlotte is his daughter and that he's the father on her birth certificate. There is also a DNA test that confirms it.

Valentin counters all of Anna's arguments and has his own affidavits from the Greek government. The judge asks to speak with Charlotte. Charlotte calls Valentin, "Papa".  

Jax finds out from the bartender that Alexis got drunk and left with an unknown man. He makes his way to the motel and finds her. Jax accuses her of being a drunk, but Alexis says she has her drinking under control. Jax threatens to call the Davis girls because he feels Alexis is spiraling out of control and needs an intervention.  

Alexis counters that she'll tell Carly about Jax's black market shopping, so he backs off. He warns her to pull it together.    

Liz heads to Kelly's to pick up food and runs into Tom.