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Perkie's Observations: Sam Isn't Buying What Franco Is Selling on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Liz is upset to see Tom and pulls out her pepper spray. Tom claims he's sorry for anything he may have done to her and swears he's not a threat. Liz says he'll always be a threat. Tom tells her not to send Franco after him. Liz is shocked to hear that Franco tried to strangle Tom.

Franco bumps into Sam and apologizes for what happened in Hawaii. He hopes she can one day forgive him, but Sam's all out of forgiveness. She tells him that he's sick, cruel, and always will be. Franco claims he doesn't want to be that guy again, but Sam says he's lying to himself.

Josslyn tells Jax that she misses Morgan and is surprised at Sonny's confession. She wonders if it means Carly won't go back to him. Carly arrives before Jax can answer. Carly asks how long Jax is staying. Josslyn wants him to stay until Thanksgiving, so Jax agrees to stay for awhile.

Sonny has nightmares of Carly taunting him with Morgan's urn. Jason shows up. He tells him that he knows for a fact that the bomb wasn't Sonny's and needs to find out who ordered it. He asks Sonny if he knows someone named Oscar Jessup. Sonny knows the guy used to work for the Jeromes back in the day.

Curtis updates Julian that Jason stopped Sonny from confessing. He worries that they know more than he does about the bomb. When Julian steps away, Curtis tries to get information out of Diane, who doesn't bite. When Julian returns, he tells Curtis that it's done and relieves him of his duties.

The judge questions Charlotte, who says she loves her papa Valentin. Anna claims he's a dangerous man who didn't exist before 2011. She worries that he'll disappear with Charlotte, something Valentin says he has every right to do as her legal father.

The judge sends everyone out to deliberate. Griffin and Valentin get into it and Griffin throws a punch. The judge breaks it up and tells them that it's in Charlotte's best interest that Valentin be given full custody. Griffin protests, but the judge insists.

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Carly's happy that Jax is staying for awhile. She says she doesn't know how to work through Morgan's death. Josslyn returns and tries hard to push her parents back together. The two realize she's matchmaking.

Sam updates Jason on her run in with Franco. She says she refuses to let him use her to ease his conscience. The two discuss Sonny. Sam gets a call from Spinelli that Oscar Jessup died in 1990.

Liz confronts Franco about him choking Tom and says it makes her wonder if they can work as a couple. Franco says he was only sending a strong message and isn't sorry for his actions. Liz explains that she ran into Tom at Kelly's and that Franco needs to back off.

Diane meets with Sonny before the arraignment and is happy to hear that he's no longer planning on pleading guilty.

As he's leaving, Valentin whispers "open your eyes" in Latin to Anna, which frazzles her.

Franco asks the IT guy to track someone's cell phone GPS.

Carly admits that her time with Jax was the happiest and should have fought harder for them. The two kiss.

Julian gets a call from Jessup and says he's done everything that asked of him. Let the whitewashing of Julian's crimes begin.