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Perkie's Observations: Diane Works Her Magic on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Chad Duell, Dominic Zamprogna, Carolyn Hennesy, Vinessa Antoine

Maurice Benard, Chad Duell, Dominic Zamprogna, Carolyn Hennesy, Vinessa Antoine

Dante tells Jordan that it's possible someone else was responsible for the bombing. Jordan decides he can't be impartial and takes him off the case. Michael shows up to support Sonny for his arraignment. Diane is determined to have the case thrown out.

Hayden's feeling better and wants to go home. Finn admits that the sepsis seems to be cured and claims the underlying disease might have been caught as well.

Curtis shows up to visit with Hayden. Hayden swears she'll be fine, even though she was exposed to something serious. When Curtis presses, Hayden admits that she's scared.

Nelle offers her condolences to Kiki, then brings up the trouble between Carly and Sonny. Kiki says it's not their first break-up, which piques Nelle's interest. Kiki is certain CarSon will find their way back to each other.

Nelle wonders if Carly and Jax will get back together now that he's here. Kiki thinks they work better as friends, and that CarSon are best together.

Jax stops the kiss, despite Carly's attempts to pick up where they left off. Jax says she's still married, is hurting, and looking for comfort. Carly apologizes for being inappropriate and explains that she doesn't know what to do. Jax says he's there for her, just not romantically.

After the arraignment, Jordan is not happy that Diane managed to get Sonny out on bail and on house arrest.

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Jason and Sam discuss how it's possible that Jessup died years ago and who's pretending to be him now. Jason wonders if there are any security camera footage of the Rib parking lot. Curtis arrives and says he got footage from the store across the street and offers to share it with them.

Curtis thinks they should work together and explains that Julian fired him. He says he wants to finish the job. Jason agrees. Curtis shows him that a delivery van blocked the parking lot at that moment, which they both feel was done deliberately.

Tracy asks Finn about Hayden's chances, but Finn doesn't know. He asks Tracy to let Hayden stay a little longer. Tracy asks Hayden to stay since she has no place to go. Finn gets Hayden's latest test results.

Carly explains to Jax how she justified staying with Sonny despite the danger to her children. She promises she'll keep her kids safe this time. Jax promises to help her as a friend. Dante arrives and updates her on Sonny being on house arrest.

Sonny is taken home where an ankle monitor is placed on him. He questions whether Diane can get him out of this mess. Diane says there is no evidence against him and hopes Jason will come through soon with the truth about who set the bomb.

Dante pays Sonny a visit to update him on his visit with Carly.

Michael explains to Kiki about the arraignment. He says he's looking for Nelle so she can keep and eye on Sonny when she's watching Avery.

Nelle stops by Carly's to give her some papers. She eavesdrops and hears Carly promise Jax that she won't kiss him again.