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Perkie's Observations: Julian Approaches Alexis on General Hospital

Haley Pullos, Kelly Monaco, Lexi Ainsworth, Nancy Lee Grahn

Haley Pullos, Kelly Monaco, Lexi Ainsworth, Nancy Lee Grahn

Mike is filling in for Perkie today. Sorry for the delay!

Jordan and Andre go to Kelly's where TJ is working. Jordan questions TJ if he told Shawn (the innocent guy who is still in prison) about medical school. He says he wants to surprise him in person. Andre offers to help him with the process. TJ and Jordan hug it out, acknowledging they had a tough year.

Alexis remembers last year with Julian. Molly is doing the cooking and luckily for Alexis, Kristina is doing the pouring. Sam arrives in time to hear Molly inform Kristina about her promise not to drink until Sam's baby is born. They all have a good chuckle over Alexis' kitchen mishap with Danny's cookies.

Ava, finally with Avery, stops off at Metro Court. She sees Scott and passes her off to Kiki. Scott tells Ava that Lucy was onto him. He says he can handle it and get her what she needs.

Jason and the boys ditch the Davises for football. Kristina tells the coven that Parker sent a sympathy card, with her and her wife's signature.

Julian reminds the mystery caller it's a holiday, making it difficult to get information. He laments to Ava that his family hasn't bothered to call him. He decides it would be a good idea to text Alexis. Kiki takes a crack at Julian for talking shop in front of a sharp and chattering Avery concerning the car bomb that killed Morgan.

Kristina wants to toast Alexis' good news about the bar association reconsidering her suspension. Sam gives Alexis the eye, wondering if she will break that promise. That becomes more difficult when Jordan and Andre arrive...with more booze. TJ arrives with Curtis. Guess who's not thrilled.

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Scott butters Lucy up with some wine and mixed nuts. Lucy shows Scott she has the fake pills with her. Scott kisses Lucy. Before they get too heavy, she puts the pills in the safe. Scott reminds Lucy they are going to put Ava in the hot seat. They take a roll in the hay. 

Lucy takes off when she gets a text to join Felicia for Thanksgiving dinner. Lucy taunts him by shaking the pill bottle at him. Scott has to face Ava with the bad news, but he lies instead. Ava is concerned about having the conversation in front of Avery.

Jordan asks why Alexis isn't drinking and Sam tells her about their fun game of abstinence. Alexis is tormented by everyone's drinking.

Ava and Kiki talk about Dillon. She blames herself for Morgan's death because she was going to break up with him. Ava tries to convince her otherwise. Ava gets nervous about custody when Kiki tells her that Sonny is out on bail and under house arrest. Because every good father wears an ankle bracelet.

Alexis spills homemade whipped cream all over the floor. She offers to go get more no matter what. She quickly grabs her keys and hustles out the door. Later, she texts the girls that Diane needs her right away.

Julian meets with the hospital board member to discuss the condos. Julian says he has no choice but to go through with the deal. After the man leaves, he sees Alexis at the bar. He approaches her.

Kiki brings up an order to Nina's office. Dillon answers the door. He talks about how much fun he had with his father last year. Kiki tells him all they have is a turkey burger and fries. He splits his burger with Kiki.

Jordan questions Curtis about information he is sharing with Jason. He informs Jordan that Andre told him to stay away and not contact her.