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Perkie's Observations: Thanksgiving Is Full of Surprises on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Dominic Zamprogna, Lisa LoCicero, Mason Tannous, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Jon Lindstrom, Dominic Zamprogna, Lisa LoCicero, Mason Tannous, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Mike is filling in for Perkie on this recap. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

The Qs are missing valuable items and Tracy is to blame. She wants to celebrate like a happy family and is peeved that everyone tried to ditch. She promises turkey and stuffing over pizza for a change.

Sonny's alone with a drink in a dark room when Dante calls. He offers to bring his family to him, but he refuses. Dante isn't happy Sonny is alone. He reminds him that even though Morgan is gone, they are still a family. When Sonny opens the door, Laura is there.

The crew at Carly's put together a Thanksgiving and she apologizes for letting everything fall apart. Michael and Josslyn tell her they are there to take care of her today.

Laura and Sonny embrace. She acknowledges Sonny and his family are going through a hard time. She says she misses Spencer and would like to have him around. She came by because Sonny and she share the same grief. Laura enlightens Sonny that he should let his family take care of him and not go it alone.

Julian approaches Alexis at the bar. Alexis reminds him to get out of her space because of the court order. He agrees under the condition that he can tell Sam about her liquid Thanksgiving menu. Alexis scoffs.

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Alexis says her life is falling apart, but she doesn't want Julian to interfere with Sam's happiness. She admits she's drinking more and asks him to stay quiet. Julian says she should talk to someone about it. She agrees, but tells him it won't be him.

Maxie and Nathan watch Kevin and Lante conspire with Kevin. They wonder what they are up to. Laura arrives and Maxie pulls her into the mix. She asks Lulu what they are up to. She announces she and Dante are getting married today.

Olivia drops by Carly's. She wonders why she's not at Sonny's. She is relieved to hear that Sonny didn't plant the car bomb. When Carly waivers about Sonny, Jax reminds her that everything Sonny touches turns to dust.

Tracy returns their items so they can leave. Ned stops her from leaving the room. Monica reminds her that they aren't normal and shouldn't try to be. The crew start to enjoy a true blue turkey dinner when Monica questions the brine. Apparently, the brine and Finn's bacteria containers are in the same refrigerator. Time to call the pizza joint. (Ew, really GH?)

Carly and Jax walk Olivia out. Sonny pushes green and calls Carly. Nelle sees the call and half-heartedly calls after Carly. She puts the phone back where it was. She grabs her coat and purse to leave. Michael questions where she's going. She says and she is going to a lonely friends and later appears at Sonny's. She lets it slip that Jax is at the house with Carly.

Olivia pops in just before Lante's wedding. Kevin officiates the ceremony.

Sonny gets mad about Jax and wants to know how he's helping Carly. Nelle pretends to struggle. When Sonny blows a mini-gasket, she blurts out that she saw Carly and Jax kissing.

Julian wants to call for a driver, but Alexis disappears. He runs out of the bar and stands in front her her car, begging her not to drive. Drunkerella puts the car in reverse, looks over her shoulder, and punches the gas pedal. Oopsie, it wasn't reverse. Down goes Julian.