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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Makes Her Move on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Chloe Lanier

Maurice Benard, Chloe Lanier

Nelle tells Sonny that she saw Carly and Jax kissing, and that he's been spending the night. Sonny gets upset that Jax is sleeping with Carly. He explains his own history with Carly. When he's not looking, Nelle dumps some drugs in his drink.

Carly is grateful to Jax for being there for them. Josslyn wants her father to stay until Christmas. Jax gets a call that his mother is sick and must leave tonight.

Alexis hits Julian and calls 9-1-1. Then, she takes off and goes home. Jax stops by and sees that she's upset. Alexis admits that she hit Julian while drunk. Jax wants Alexis to go to rehab. She promises to do it tomorrow.

Jordan confronts Andre about taking the call from Curtis and telling him to back off. Andre doesn't understand her anger. Jordan wants an apology, which Andre isn't willing to give.

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Curtis tries to apologize to Valerie again, but she's not interested. He offers friendship, but Valerie tells him to take a hike.

Sam complains to Jason about Alexis' behavior at Thanksgiving. The two run into Curtis. They explain that Jessup died years ago and the delivery van wasn't legit. Sam worries about Sonny and wonders if they should check up on him.

Julian is brought into the hospital. Ava shows up. She worries about him when he starts talking about dying. Julian tells her that he didn't go back to the business because of her. Valerie stops by to get Julian's statement.

Carly hears a message from Sonny and starts to soften towards him.

Nelle gets a drugged Sonny into bed and joins him.