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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie and Carly Make Amends on General Hospital

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Jackie Zeman, Rebecca Herbst, Laura Wright

Jackie Zeman, Rebecca Herbst, Laura Wright

Jordan questions Julian whether or not he remembers who hit him. She wonders if the accident is related to the bombing. Julian claims he has no memory of the accident.

Molly wonders where Alexis disappeared to on Thanksgiving night. Alexis claims she was with Diane, then went for a drive.

Finn tells Hayden that her test results came back positive for his mysterious disease. Hayden dismisses his concerns and heads to work. Tracy offers to help Finn with his research. He's determined to find a cure. I'm determined to pretend to care about this nonsensical story.

Franco explains to Liesl that he had a tracker put on Tom's phone so he can watch his movements. Liesl doesn't think Liz would be happy if she found out. Franco feels it's the only thing he can do to keep her safe. Franco notices that Tom is on the move and on the way to the hospital.

Carly gives Bobbie flowers as an apology for yelling at her over her distrust of Nelle. Bobbie admits that Nelle gives her a bad feeling, but promises to keep an open mind for Carly's sake.

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Sonny wakes up and is shocked to find himself in bed with Nelle. He doesn't understand how they got there. Nelle says they were both lonely and that one thing let to another. Nelle cries that it shouldn't have happened and begs him not to say anything to Carly.

Julian questions Liz about his treatment. Liz says he's seriously injured and will need significant care. She says Julian will need someone to look after him. If only he had a boatload of money where he can hire eleventy nurses and home care.

Jordan stops by to let Alexis know that Julian is in the hospital. She warns Alexis that it could be linked to the bomb and to be careful. Alexis is grateful to hear that Julian doesn't remember anything.

Liz runs into Hayden, who's upset. Hayden turns to Liz for a hug, then dismisses her and leaves. Biatch please.

Julian calls Alexis and tells her to come and visit him since it's the least she can do.

Carly stops by Sonny's to check on him, so Nelle hides upstairs and eavesdrops. The two discuss Jason's investigation into the bomber. Carly claims she's decided not to punish him anymore and offers an olive branch for them to heal together.

Carly spots the two alcohol glasses and questions who was with Sonny last night.