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Perkie's Observations: Franco Threatens Tom on General Hospital

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Don Harvey, Rebecca Herbst

Don Harvey, Rebecca Herbst

Carly asks who the second glass was for. At first, Sonny says Max was there. When Carly spots lipstick on the glass, Sonny tells her that Laura paid him a visit. Sonny mentions that Jax has been there for her, but Carly says Jax has gone back to Australia.

Carly tells Sonny that she kissed Jax, but that was all. She says she wants honesty between them.

Franco wants to whisk Liz and the boys away to New York City, which makes her wonder why he's so flustered. Franco says they need to leave because Tom is at the hospital. Franco admits he is tracking the phone. Liz wants to discuss legal ways to stay away from Tom.

Tom runs into Liz and Franco gets angry. Tom says he's gotten a job working at the hospital, which does not sit well with Franco. Franco warns that he'll kill Tom.

Nina stops by Wyndemere to give Charlotte a gift. Valentin is grateful for the visit. He says he wants to give Charlotte the childhood he never had. The two compare sad childhoods and share a kiss.

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Nathan updates Griffin and Anna on Claudette's case. He says there is no trace of her and that she's vanished. He presumes there is a possibly that she is dead. Griffin doesn't want them to give up. Nathan promises to continue searching even though the trail has gone cold.

Griffin asks Anna about what Valentin said to her in the judge's chambers. Anna says she's heard the saying before. Anna thinks there is a connection between Valentin and the WSB. Anna still feels that she knows Valentin from somewhere.

Maxie gets a call from someone she thinks is Claudette, but doesn't understand the French speaker. Nathan takes the call, then admits that he bought her something in Paris.

Dillon finds Kiki reading a college book. Kiki says her life was different then. Dillon wants her to stop being so hard on herself. The two share a lighthearted moment that Carly walks in on. Kiki offers to quit so she is not in Carly's orbit anymore.

Nelle continues to worry about their night together, but Sonny says it's done. Nelle thinks they should tell Carly the truth. Sonny convinces her otherwise.

Nelle leaves. She pulls out her phone, which shows she recorded the conversation with Sonny.

Anna heads over to Wyndemere to question Valentin.