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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Tracy Reconnect on General Hospital

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Jane Elliot, Genie Francis

Jane Elliot, Genie Francis

Griffin is forced to break up Tom and Franco's fight. Tom reminds everyone that he's done his time, but Franco's never paid for his crimes. Monica arrives and kicks Tom out of the hospital. She says there is a zero tolerance and suspends Franco for two days.

Liz tells Franco to go home because he's scaring her right now. Franco accuses her of believing him to be a monster deep down.

Kiki tells Dillon about quitting the Metro Court and that she's looking for another waitressing job. Dillon tells her to take some time to find out what she really wants to do. Later, Kiki fills out an aptitude questionnaire.

Laura gives Lulu and Dante a honeymoon night at the Metro Court and offers to babysit Rocco for them. She cancels dinner plans with Kevin, who's worried that she's pulling away.

Tracy stops by to give Lante a wedding gift, but finds Laura babysitting. Laura thanks Tracy for the support and guidance she's given Lulu over the years. Tracy asks about Kevin. Laura explains how she decided to slow things down.

Laura says she's always been defined by a man and is worried she'll lose herself again. Tracy thinks she needs to loosen up.

Valentin tries to convince Anna that he's not a threat to her or anyone else, but she doesn't believe him. She feels that they've met before, but Valentin denies it. Valentin mentions his sad childhood but doesn't divulge much information.

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Nathan and Maxie are not happy to hear that Nina has been hanging out with Valentin. Nina claims he's not dangerous. Nathan figures she's more interested in Charlotte, which Nina admits to. Nina says she's going to spend more time with Valentin because she likes him and they can't stop her.

Lulu and Dante reminisce about the night they met and enjoy their mini-honeymoon.

Franco seeks advice from Heather, who's still mad at him. He says he's scared he'll lose Liz and explains how he wants to hurt Tom. Heather feels Liz is the problem.

Tracy convinces Laura to go to Kevin, dressed only in a fur coat. She's mortified when Kevin opens the door in a Santa suit. He explains that Monica roped him into being Santa for the kids. Laura explains that she was trying to be spontaneous, but Kevin assures her that she's fine the way she is.

Tracy and Dillon discuss his feelings for Kiki and how she only wants friendship from him. Tracy thinks he should fight for Kiki.

Griffin checks in on Liz, who's still upset about Franco's outburst. Liz says he has triggers, which is a problem.

Anna runs into Nina and tries to get information on Valentin. Nina does tell her about the boarding school that he attended. Later, Anna calls Robert to look into it.

Valentin lovingly looks at the photo of Anna.

Kiki accidentally runs into Tom, who shows interest.