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Perkie's Observations: Anna Offers to Help Alexis on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Nancy Lee Grahn

Finola Hughes, Nancy Lee Grahn

Ava's upset at the second attempt on Julian's life. She believes it was Sonny. She tells her brother that Sonny is vulnerable right now and that Julian should strike. Julian says he'll deal with it when the time is right and warns Ava to back off Sonny.

Anna meets with Alexis. She tells her that now that she's back at the WSB, she has influence at the bar association and can restore Alexis' license. Anna tells Alexis about Charlotte and asks for information on Valentin.

Alexis explains Valentin's childhood at Bedlington. Anna offers to call the bar association, but Alexis declines. She asks that Anna get Valentin for what he did to Nikolas.

Michael wants ideas from Nelle on what to get his mother for Christmas. Michael asks Nelle to go to the Toys for Tots fundraiser with him.

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Sonny has a dream that he's kissing Carly, who then morphs into Nelle. Carly shows up and tells him about Julian's accident. Carly claims she doesn't believe that he's behind it. Sonny says he has no plans to lose what he has now. Carly notices something's off and tells Sonny that he can share it with her.

Kevin and Laura wake up together. The two are cute together. Suddenly, Kevin remembers he's supposed to be Santa at the hospital and takes off.

Sam and Jason plan to meet with Curtis, but don't trust him. They natter on about Sonny and trying to find the real bomber. I don't hate them or anything, but good lord they're boring.

Curtis wants to help Julian find out who's after him. Julian doesn't want anything to do with Curtis and warns him to back off.

Valentin tries to be cute with Nina, who's concerned about him after her conversation with Anna. Nina knows that he's not innocent, but because he's good to Charlotte, it gets Nina hot and bothered.

Ava wants to revisit her custody agreement with Sonny, who's not willing to bend. Ava accuses Sonny of running Julian down and wants Avery with her. Carly pipes up.