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Perkie's Observations: CarSon Undermine Ava's Custody Rights on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Maura West, Laura Wright

Maurice Benard, Maura West, Laura Wright

Carly, the queen of the world, declares that Avery's custody will stay as is. Ava mentions what happened to Morgan, which doesn't sit well with Carly. Ava says Sonny will be convicted of murder so Avery will need to come home with her.

Carly counters that Avery will stay with her and if Ava fights her on it, she'll show everyone Ava and Paul's sex tape. Ava's not worried until Carly claims she may have known about Paul's killings, so Ava backs off.

Anna meets with Laura to see if she has any information on Valentin. Laura explains that she heard about him from Luke through Helena, and what happened in Greece. Laura says she knows Valentin has secrets that involve her family.

Sam and Jason discuss what happened to Julian and who could be behind it other than Sonny. Jason believes it was two different people, since the car bomb was well planned and the car accident was messy.

Alexis stops by to see Julian and wonders if he remembers anything. Julian says he knows she's the one who ran him over and he remembers everything from that night. Alexis claims it was an accident. Julian accuses her of being drunk.

Alexis says there's no proof that it was her and it's Julian's word against hers.

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Julian mentions the bar association. Alexis gets angry and tells him to prove that he loves her by leaving her alone. Julian promises not to say anything in exchange for a favor.

Nelle finally agrees to go to the fundraiser with Michael, but says she has nothing to wear. Michael offers to get a gown from Maxie, but Nelle feels she'd rather get something herself. She mentions jewelry, then realizes that she's missing her necklace. Nelle remembers that the last time she had it was in bed with Sonny.

Curtis meets with JaSam. He tells them that he thinks Julian knows who set the bomb, but doesn't want anyone else to know. Jason figures Julian's squealing will expose his past deeds and it's in his best interest to keep quiet.

Sam gets a call from Spinelli that the van from the Floating Rib parking lot is parked in a garage close by. Jason and Curtis find the van and search it. Jason notices that the sticker on the side is removable.

Lante run into Valentin at the line-up to visit Santa. Dante warns Valentin, who doesn't take kindly to it.

Anna gets a call from Robert. He says Valentin's old school was burned to the ground and the headmaster is dead.

Carly tells Sonny that she left some of Josslyn's gifts under their bed. Sonny offers to get them and finds Nelle's necklace.

Lulu heads back to Santa as Charlotte is sitting on his lap.  Charlotte tells Santa what she wants. She looks at Lulu. The two share a moment.