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Perkie's Observations: There's Something about Charlotte on General Hospital

Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Mike is filling in for Perkie on Tuesday and Wednesday. Deal with it! :-)

Sonny slips the necklace in his pocket. Carly stares at a picture of the once happy couple before leaving Sonny alone.

Kiki overhears Nelle reassure Michael that he will be taking her to the benefit. Kiki questions Nelle about Michael while she waits for her last paycheck. Nelle figures out that Kiki and Michael were together. Kiki spills all the tea about their sordid past.

Curtis and Jason peel off the magnet on the side of the van. The true label underneath reads "Derek Wells Media". They try to figure out why Julian's van would blocking the camera. They make a plan to weed out the true owner.

Alexis accuses Julian of blackmail. He reminds her that she will face the ethics committee. Sam walks in when Alexis brings up Julian going to the police. She questions why Alexis is talking to him. They leave, but Sam won't let it go. Later, Sam tells Molly about her suspicions.

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Charlotte smiles at Lulu. Dante interrupts the magic spell. Lulu asks Laura who the girl is. She claims they have never met. Valentin points out that Rocco and Charlotte get along well. Lulu starts to question her, but super jealous Nina intervenes as if she has any rights to the girl. Lulu reminds her that they are Nikolas' relatives. Valentin evades questions about Claudette before they leave. Dante tries to rationalize Lulu's feelings for Charlotte.

The dynamic duo damage the van. The driver confronts them. He wonders if they are cops when they ask about he owner. They play good cop, bad cop. Jason explains he gets violent until the voices in his head go away. Curtis encourages the man to give up information. He says that he was doing what Julian told him to do. Jason and Curtis deduce that Julian planted a bomb in his own car.

Carly grants Nelle the night off to go with Michael while Sonny sweats it out on the couch. Carly leaves and he questions Sonny about their status. Sonny wonders if Michael is interested in Nelle. Michael denies it. Michael tells Sonny Carly won't punish him for something he didn't do.

Kevin, as Santa, gets a short break. He asks Laura what she wants. She says peace of mind. They discuss how well adjusted Charlotte is considering her parent problems. Laura tell him she is connected to the girl because of Nikolas. He says that's one of the reasons why he loves her.

At Kelly's, Valentin thanks Nina for her help with Lulu. Nina claims they have to protect Charlotte from people who want to keep her from her father. Nina tells him she's taken with her (shocking!).

Carly is grateful that Nelle is friends with Michael. Nelle steers the conversation to Sonny. Carly reveals that something is off with him. Nelle counters they belong together. Sonny calls and tells Nelle they need to talk.

Julian informs Alexis he will need to be taken care of when he's released from the hospital. She tells him his plan won't bring them any closer. Alexis eventually agrees if he will keep her secret.