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Perkie's Observations: Anna Consults with Andre on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Anthony Montgomery

Finola Hughes, Anthony Montgomery

Maxie is obsessed with Nathan's surprise. He stops her as she hacks into his computer. They practice their wedding dances and he pulls a muscle in his back.

Curtis and JaSam think that Julian's intended target was Pete, but Morgan intervened. Curtis suggests they go to the cops. JaSam don't think the cops will want to look anywhere other than Sonny because he's been a longtime target.

Anna wants Andre to consult on Valentin's file. Andre is familiar with name Theo Hart from a diamond theft ring in the Ukraine. They talk about his time away at school. Anna remembers he stammered, then quickly recovered. Andre wants to know why Anna is having such a hard time with this case.

Anna feels unsettled and explains that he is familiar. When Andre asks if she knows him, she clarifies that she feels Valentin knows her.

Nina stops by with a gift for Charlotte. She's out while daddy decorates the house. They exchange sad childhood Christmas tales. When Nina decides to it's time to leave, she's told she's trapped for the night because of a storm. Charlotte is conveniently stalled on the mainland.

At the hospital, Lulu confesses to Dante that she feels a connection to Charlotte. She wonders if she's her daughter. She says no one did a DNA test on the mother. Dante counters that she is not Stavros' child. They go back and forth until Dante's logic wins out. When he leaves to go to work, she finds something that belongs to Charlotte on the floor.

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Curtis goes to Jordan, who reminds him to stay away from the case. Curtis tries hard to get Jordan to listen to him. Jordan wonders what his real motive is. Meanwhile, Jason explains to Sam that in the real world, going to the cops doesn't work (because of Sonny).

Curtis tells her the van in the video belongs to Derek Wells Media. She is more concerned about who he is working for rather than the new information he's giving her. Eventually, she shows him a different angle of the video.

Nina is left alone in the main room. She approaches the wooden box that sits on the Valentin's desk. As she paws the box, Valentin comes in with dinner. Nina confesses she's nervous. They discuss their failed past relationships. Valentin says someone other than Claudette didn't see a future with him. They chatter for a bit, then kiss.

JaSam decide to stay in Port Charles. The doctor tells them that it's time to meet their baby. They are undecided about knowing the sex of the baby, so the doctor seals it in an envelope they can open when they're ready.

Lulu goes to Maxie. She tells Maxie she wants her help in proving that Charlotte is her daughter. At the PCPD, Dante starts to talk to Nathan.

Anna and Andre conclude she needs to go the Bedlington to get information about Valentin.

Jordan implores Curtis to come to her first if he finds any proof. She tells him she thinks he's working for Jason. When she leaves, he looks at the video. He calls Jason and tells him he has "something big, really big".