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Perkie's Observations: Pass Out the Cigars for Lulu on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Dominic Zamprogna, Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms, James Patrick Stuart

Emme Rylan, Dominic Zamprogna, Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms, James Patrick Stuart

Sonny gives Nelle the necklace that he found. She mentions how guilty she feels around Carly. Sonny tells her that he's gotten her a job in Atlanta so she can get away from the whole thing, but Nelle's not going anywhere. Nelle says she has no one in Atlanta and likes the life she's building in Port Charles. She promises to keep their night a secret.

Lulu and Maxie try to find a way out of the exam room, but no luck. The doctor comes in and tells them to sit tight a little longer. The two realize that Valentin is on his way.

Nathan and Dante are worried when they don't hear from the girls. Griffin mentions meeting with Lulu and showing her Charlotte's birth certificate. Dante spots the name of the doctor and the two head to New York.

Curtis has new footage. It shows someone dumping a suspicious bag into the Floating Rib's dumpster. The boys decide to go dumpster diving for evidence against Julian. Apparently garbage doesn't get picked up after two months, so Jason finds it.

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Julian's being released today. Ava tells him that she's all set up at her place, along with nursing care. Julian says he has someone who will take care of him. Alexis arrives to get his discharge papers.

Griffin is surprised when he hears that Alexis is going to be taking care of Julian. Alexis claims she's trying to forgive. She asks Griffin not to tell anyone, especially her girls.

Ava doesn't understand why Alexis would want to help Julian, whom she hates, until she figures out that Alexis was the one who ran down Julian. Ava thinks Alexis will try to kill Julian again, but he doesn't share her concerns.

Jason arrives as Nelle is saying goodbye to Sonny. He is curious about their behavior, but Sonny brushes it off. Jason tries to tell them about the new evidence, but Sonny is distracted.

The doctor releases the girls from the room since Valentin has arrived. Lulu slaps him and calls him a liar and a murderer. Nathan and Dante arrive. Valentin tells all of them that Claudette was only the surrogate. He and Lulu are Charlotte's parents.