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Perkie's Observations: Franco Takes a Dark Turn on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Matt Cohen

Rebecca Herbst, Matt Cohen

Jason explains his escapades to Sonny, but quickly realizes that he's distracted. Jason figures out that the problem is Nelle and that Sonny slept with her. Jason thinks Sonny should tell Carly, who disagrees. Jason thinks these secrets always come out and that Sonny should get in front of it.

Lulu's angry that she was kept from Charlotte all these years. Valentin paints himself as a victim. He says Helena realized Stavros was unable to reproduce. She hired Daphne to seduce Valentin and procure a sample of his DNA, which was mixed with Lulu's DNA.

Valentin says he stole the embryo once he realized Helena's plans. He hired Claudette to be the surrogate, who then took off with Charlotte. Dante feels what Valentin did was criminal and is determined to prove it. Valentin tells Lulu that she can see Charlotte any time she wants.

Tom tries to get Nelle interested in taking photos, but she tells him to take a hike. He gets a call from Kiki asking to come to the studio to have photos taken and Tom agrees. Kiki's luring him there for Franco. He promises he won't hurt Tom, he just wants to make Tom understand that he needs to leave Port Charles.

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When Michael shows up to take Nelle to the fundraiser, she feels underdressed and wants to bail. Michael changes into a more casual outfit to make her feel better. The two have fun together until Nelle remembers she has a purpose in town and takes off.

Liz and Griffin discuss Franco and how he has trouble controlling his impulses. She's upset that Franco sees her as frail, but Liz declares that she's not helpless and doesn't need protecting.

Nina crosses all boss/employee boundaries by declaring to Dillon that she's been sexing it up with Valentin. She feels her new boyfriend is a wonderful guy and doesn't understand why no one else sees it. Nina mentions needing an assistant, so Dillon calls Kiki over.

Dillon tells Kiki that she could be Nina's new assistant. Kiki doesn't want the job. Kiki thinks Dillon's trying to manipulate her. Dillon accuses her of punishing herself for choosing him over Morgan, so Kiki slaps him. Dillon storms off and runs into Valerie.

Nina tells Kiki that Dillon is crazy about her. She says that she shouldn't let him go while she's grieving for Morgan.

When Tom gets to the studio, Franco knocks him out then locks him into a dog crate. When Tom comes to, he's shocked at what Franco is doing to him. As is probably the entire audience.