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Will Tonya Walker Reprise General Hospital's Olivia Jerome?

Tonya Walker

Tonya Walker

It took General Hospital fans all of five minutes on social media to figure out "Oscar Jessup", the mysterious Jerome crime family associate being mentioned on air is likely presumed dead lady mobster Olivia Jerome (Tonya Walker). Good news for old school GH lovers, I hear Walker is in talks to reprise the lethal role!

Olivia was killed by her brother Julian (now played by William deVry) back in 1990, but when has a little thing like death ever stopped a character from returning to this show? In current story, Julian is being targeted by the mysterious Mr. Jessup. 

Olivia also tangled mightily with slain mobster Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) and super spy Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). While Duke once again resides in Soap Heaven, the ravishing Ms. Devane is more determined than ever to fight crime while looking extra posh.

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Olivia has a half-sister in town she presumably needs to get to know — the equally blonde and deadly Ava Jerome (Maura West). Something tells me these two won't spend a lot of time eating Smores and watching chick flicks together. 

Are you excited about a possible Jerome family reunion on General Hospital? Sound off in the comments!