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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Pushes Finn to Save Hayden on General Hospital

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Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Franco explains to Tom that he isn't rehabilitated and that he never paid for raping Liz. He's determined that Tom will never hurt anyone again.

Hayden's back at the Quartermaine mansion when she has a seizure. Finn is forced to give her more of his wonder drug, which he's almost out of. He tells Tracy that he's been rationing it between him and Hayden. Tracy tells him to stop wasting time and get back to finding a cure.

Nelle runs home and mutters to herself that Carly has what's coming to her. She gets a text from Michael. He's worried because she disappeared on him. She responds that she felt ill and went home.

Michael runs into Carly and explains that he was out with Nelle and that she disappeared. Carly tells him that she wants everyone to spend Christmas at Sonny's house, since they'll all be sad about Morgan.

Sonny doesn't want Jason to tell Carly about Nelle, feeling that it will only make things worse. Jason disagrees. Sonny feels no one will win by exposing the secret and it will break them up for good.

Carly shows up with a Christmas tree for Sonny and feels the tension between the men. Jason doesn't tell her anything. Carly tells them that she wants them all to spend Christmas together, including Jason.

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Michael heads over to Nelle's with chicken soup. He doesn't believe her story that she felt sick. Nelle admits that was a lie. She says she felt she needed to pull back so the lines of their friendship don't become blurred. Michael apologizes for pressuring her and the two agree to be friends.

Liz stops by to see Franco. He warns Tom to keep quiet while he talks to her in the hall. Franco claims he's working on her Christmas present. Liz says she's worried he'll do something to Tom to protect her and she doesn't want that. She says she doesn't need a hero and claims Franco is her hero already.

After I finished throwing up and banging my head against the coffee table, Liz tells Franco that she wants them to move forward together. She wants him to spend the holidays with her and her boys. Franco agrees.

Finn talks to Hayden, who thinks she's talking to her father. Hayden tells "her father" that she met a great guy, a doctor, and that she loves him. Hayden talks to Tracy and thinks she's talking to her mother. Tracy apologizes for failing her as a mother. Hayden tells her that she's found love, but it might be too late.

Finn heads to the hotel to continue his research, but gets frustrated. Roxie's shedding her skin and it seems to give him the answer he was looking for. That's a good thing since I was getting worried for Hayden's health. Said no one. Ever.

Jason warns Sonny that while he won't outright tell Carly about Nelle, if she asks he won't lie for Sonny.

Tom begs Franco for his life. Franco says he's not planning on killing him, just ending the life that he knows. And I ask, why does this story exist? To make Tom pay for the original rape? Because none of this is painting Franco in a good light. At least, not to me. So whatever the writers are going for, it's not falling on me.