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Perkie's Observations: Ava Puts Alexis on Notice on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Maura West

Nancy Lee Grahn, Maura West

The writers finally remember that Sam and Maxie are friends. Maxie says she wants to throw Sam a baby shower. She spots the baby gender note in Sam's bag. Sam says she wants to be surprised despite Maxie's insistence that she find out. When Sam leaves, Maxie keeps the note.

Lulu and Dante wait at the hospital for the DNA results to see if she's Charlotte's mother. Griffin has the results. They were done at two independent labs to insure there's so no tampering. Lulu and Valentin turn out to be Charlotte's parents.

Dante figures their in for a custody battle. Lulu questions whether he's ready to be Charlotte's father.

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Julian's recuperating on Ava's couch. She complains about his idea to have Alexis help him convalesce. Alexis needs alcohol to help her deal with the Jeromes. Ava accuses Alexis of causing the accident.

Alexis is angry that Julian betrayed her confidence. Ava doesn't understand why Alexis would agree to the arrangement. She sees the alcohol in Alexis' bag and realizes she was drunk that night. Ava warns her that she'll go to the police and put Alexis in prison.

Jason tells Curtis that there was no DNA on the items in the bag, but that the address on the bag could help them. The two head to the address which is now a pawn shop. They show the owner pictures of Julian, Pete, and the homeless man who dropped the bag. The owner denies knowing anything.

Jason eventually finds a set of tools that match the ones in the bag. Someone is watching from a video.

Nelle brings a box of decorations to Sonny's for the tree. Carly shows up to help trim the tree. She gets a call from Atlanta, asking for a recommendation for Nelle. Carly is surprised that Sonny would have pulled some strings. However, Nelle swears it was all a misunderstanding and that she's not going anywhere.