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Dr. Oz Sheds Light on Alan Thicke's Fatal Heart Attack

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Alan Thicke

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Alan Thicke

Hollywood and TV fans alike are still reeling from the December 13 death of Alan Thicke. Us Magazine spoke to the late Growing Pains dad's personal friend Dr. Mehmet Oz who shared insight about the heart attack that killed Thicke.

"He was awake while going to hospital and even feeling better because either the blood vessel had temporarily reopened or with rest, the heart muscle could tolerate less blood flow, but when the narrowed artery finally closed, his heart could not pump enough blood. [He may have] needed to sit up because heart was not pumping blood so he developed pulmonary edema," he tells Us. "Alternatively, he had an arrhythmia in the hospital since closed arteries cause energy imbalance in heart cells so they short-circuit."

Thicke was once married to Days of Our Lives actress and singer Gloria Loring. The mother of Robin Thicke told Us her former spouse's death was "a sad wound to our family".

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