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Would Guiding Light's Robert Newman Do Another Soap?

Robert Newman

Robert Newman

Guiding Light fans still miss dashing, Tulsa, Oklahoma-bred businessman Joshua Lewis (Robert Newman) and his unforgettable lover Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer). In an interview with Soap Opera News, Newman discusses that iconic pairing and reveals if he’d return to soaps. Here's an excerpt:

It's been years but would you do another daytime soap opera role?

Robert: Uhhhhhhh…..Boy. That idea just makes me tired. (Kidding). First of all, they all shoot in LA and I have no desire to live in LA. (I live on the East Coast in CT). But if one of the shows came to me with as recurring short term kind of thing, preferably a really good bad guy, I’d probably be ok with that. Long term would be a different discussion. I have access to housing out there through my larger extended family so I could make it work, but it would be tough. As far as the concept of taking on another long term role on a soap…sure. I’d think about it. In the same way I revisited Josh and that commitment every 3 years. I’d look at the role, the duration, the money, etc. I wouldn’t mind doing something on Y&R or GH. Some pretty great actors on those shows. Same with Days or B&B I guess.

Newman and Zimmer were among Procter and Gamble soap alums who reunited in October for a special episode of CBS Daytime's The Talk. What daytime soap would you like to see the popular actor turn up on for a limited run?

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