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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gives Dante a Dose of Encouragement on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Dominic Zamprogna

Finola Hughes, Dominic Zamprogna

Lulu declares that she's taking Charlotte, but Valentin says they need to co-exist for the child's sake. Lulu feels Charlotte isn't safe with Valentin. Nina shows up and sticks up for him, which does not sit well with Lulu.

Valentin tells Lulu that Nina has a place in Charlotte's life. He asks her not to tell the child that she's her mother and not Claudette. He promises he won't keep the child from Lulu. When Charlotte comes in, Valentin suggests Lulu take her to the tree lighting at the Metro Court.

Anna questions how Dante is holding up now that the truth about Charlotte is out. Dante admits that it's tough for him since he's not her father. He worries that he won't be able to welcome the child, but Anna reassures him. Talk turns to Valentin and Dante's fears about him. Anna tells him that she's been investigating Valentin and may be onto something.

Liz runs into Franco at the hospital. She tells him that his landlord called about a noise complaint from the loud music. Franco realizes he left his phone behind at the studio.

Hayden takes a turn for the worst, so Tracy calls Liz to come with some medicine. Once Liz gets to the mansion, she realizes that she can't do anything for Hayden and that she needs to be hospitalized immediately.

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Brad's not happy to find Finn in his lab until Finn explains everything to him. Brad agrees to help and the two end up with a serum.

Tom manages to reach out and grab a piece of metal and tries to drag the phone towards him. Franco gets there in time to take the phone away. Tom begs to be released and says he's going to miss his parole hearing. He realizes that's what Franco wants because he'll be sent back to prison.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Tracy that Hayden's sepsis is back and they need to bring her temperature down. Liz calls Finn, who shows up with his new serum. He tells Tracy that he's going to test it on himself first, but Hayden's alarms go off.

Nina wonders why Valentin let Lulu take Charlotte away. She warns him that Lulu won't be willing to share.

Dante is surprised to see Lulu and Charlotte at the Metro Court. Anna takes Charlotte to join Emma. Lulu's super excited and Dante promises that he's all in for her. Lulu says she's not giving Charlotte back to Valentin.

Anna overhears Charlotte humming a song which sounds familiar to her.

Franco gets back to the hospital and sees Liz talking to Tom's brother. Liz says Tom hasn't been seen in a couple of days and wonders if Franco knows anything.