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Perkie's Observations: Heather Pushes Liz's Buttons on General Hospital

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Robin Mattson, Rebecca Herbst

Robin Mattson, Rebecca Herbst

Tom knocks out Franco. He locks him in the cage and heads out to create havoc.

The women in Sam's life gather at the Metro Court for her baby shower. Carly gets sad when she remembers being pregnant with Morgan (you know, the good times before she was shot in the head by her husband while giving birth, but I digress). Sam reassures her that she's not in this alone.

Sam is not happy with Maxie when the cake comes out. It's obviously a gender reveal cake. Maxie apologizes and says she got carried away, so Sam accepts that.

Julian's not happy when Alexis leaves for the night for Sam's shower. She says she's not coming back tonight as she has other plans. Julian wants her to check in anyway.

Sonny wants an update on the car bomb, but Jason says he's hit a wall. He mentions a possible Chinese connection. Sonny presses, but Jason feels he can't trust him with the information. This doesn't sit well with Sonny, so Jason finally admits that Julian might have set his own car bomb.

Sonny gets angry that Julian was trying to frame him. Jason doesn't believe his own theory, wondering why Julian wouldn't have disposed of the van.

Liz pays Heather a visit and asks if she knows where Naomi is. Liz says Naomi's sentence was commuted and she's no longer serving time, but needs to find her for Hayden. Heather doesn't know Naomi's whereabouts and she's more interested in Liz's relationship with Franco.

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Heather warns Liz to be good to Franco and not to break his heart. Liz says she's not afraid of Heather and swears she'd never hurt Franco. Heather says the warning isn't for her but for Franco, because once the real him resurfaces, Liz will need to be prepared.

Liz claims that Franco has changed. Heather says she accepts her son for who he is. Liz says Heather's not worthy of Franco's love.

Franco has hallucinations that he's visited by Sam and Liz, who warn that he set all this in motion. Then he's visited by himself (who also hasn't washed his hair in a week). Franco has a dark side emerging, which the other Franco tries to fight.

The pawn shop owner (lets call him Biff since that's easier) stops by to see how Julian is doing. He wants to make sure Julian's aware of his obligations. Julian says he knows the plan, but mentions the van the day of the car bomb.

Julian feels it makes him look like he was responsible for the bomb and wonders who would frame him. Biff is quick to point the finger at Sonny.

Sonny declares to Jason that he's going to kill Julian. Jason points out that he'll be arrested and will lose everything. Jason wants him to wait so that he can prove that it was Julian.

Alexis returns to check on Julian. She tells him that Kristina has found her own place and is moving out. Julian decides he's moving back in with Alexis.

Jason stops by the finished shower and sees the cake. Sam explains that it's a gender cake. The two decide they want to know what they're having and cut into the cake.