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Perkie's Observations: Julian Makes Himself at Home on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Ava's not happy that Julian is moving in with Alexis. She's worried Alexis will try to kill him again. Julian feels responsible for all the bad things that have happened to Alexis and wants to right the wrongs. Ava says she won't be part of it.

Kristina's moving out, which is fine with Alexis, but Kristina thinks her mother will be upset that the house will be empty. Alexis says she needs to get ready for the law review meeting in January and is fine with the empty house. Alexis tells her to spend time with Sonny over the holidays.

Kiki runs into Dillon and apologizes for slapping him when they were at Crimson. Dillon says he understands that she's still dealing with her grief and plans to leave her alone.

Naomi shows up at the hospital and is shocked to see Hayden in such bad shape. Finn explains about the mystery disease and the lizard serum, which doesn't sit well with Naomi. Tracy sticks up for Finn, saying he's been working on a cure and that Hayden knew the risks.

Franco manages to get out of the dog cage. Liz calls and he tells her that they're still on for Christmas Eve with her boys. Franco checks with Tom's parole officer and finds out that he never showed.

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Kiki overhears Dillon tell Valerie that he's happy about the night they spent together, gets the wrong impression, and runs over to Ava's. Ava asks her to visit Delia with her, but Kiki says she's not in a festive mood and explains about Dillon and that he's moved on.

Dillon complains to Valerie that he can't talk to Kiki anymore because every move he makes is suspect to her. Valerie understands, since she just broke up with Curtis.

Hayden wakes up. Finn runs some tests, which show that she's cured of the disease. Finn declares that the serum worked and is happy that they can be together.

Franco pays Heather a visit to tell her that Tom escaped and is out there doing who knows what. Heather's happy that Franco has re-embraced his dark side, but advises him not to tell Liz the truth. Franco is certain that he needs to confess and that Liz will understand. Heather says Liz will see him as no better than Tom.

Julian moves back into Alexis' house and swears he means her no harm. Alexis is determined not to lose her license because of him. She wants her life back.

When Alexis is out of the room, Julian gets a call from his boss. Alexis overhears him say that he's done everything asked of him for the sake of his children. Alexis demands to know who he was talking to.