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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets Help from Emma on General Hospital

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Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Finola Hughes

Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Finola Hughes

Alexis questions Julian. He says he would never harm their children and that there's a lot she doesn't know. He claims he would take everything back if he could. Julian has a tree delivered and Alexis agrees to decorate it with him.

The Corinthos family gear up for Christmas without Morgan. Sonny insists that his stocking be put up with the others. Nelle shows up, which does not sit well with Sonny. Kristina overhears Nelle say Carly doesn't suspect anything and questions it. Nelle claims it's about Carly's gift.

Michael gives his parents a photo of Morgan when he was a little drummer boy in a play. Carly gives Nelle a necklace, then asks for Sonny's surprise. Nelle gives her the gift she brought on the pretext that she bought on Sonny's behalf. Sonny's not happy with all the lies. Carly has them all sit and hold hands while talking about how wonderful Morgan was (and oy vey enough with that).

Liz tells Franco that Tom's parole officer called to say that he missed his appointment and that she should take extra precautions. Liz asks him to spend the night, which Franco is happy about. He realizes he needs to tell her what he did to Tom.

Valentin invites Anna, Emma, and the Falconeris over to Wyndemere. Laura agrees to go with Lante, despite her hatred for all things Valentin. However, she leaves almost right away. Anna confronts Valentin about the story he told. She questions whether or not he trained with the WSB, which he denies.

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Lulu gives Charlotte a gift. It turns out to be the same one Nina just gave her, so Charlotte dismisses it. Nina tells Lulu that she should rethink the custody dispute, but Lulu tells her to mind her beeswax. Nina decides to help Valentin in his fight against Lulu. Dante gets called to the station.

Liz tells Monica about Tom's disappearance. Monica worries for Liz's safety, but she says she has Franco.

Julian gives Alexis an ornament with their wedding photo. Awww, so romantic. You'd hardly remember that he almost slit her throat two months ago. Seriously writers, what the heck. I was a Julexis fan but even I'm grossed out by this whole story.

Alexis blames Julian for this whole mess. Julian apologizes and tells her that he's alive because of her. The two share a kiss.

JaSam show up at the hospital for the Christmas reading. They are not happy to see Liz and Franco together. Monica tells them to let it go for tonight. She tells the kids the story of Christmas.

Emma and Anna are leaving Wyndemere. She says she has an early present and hands Anna the photo that Valentin had of her.

Franco's about to tell Liz what he did to Tom when Dante shows up to arrest him. Seems someone stabbed Tom Baker to death.