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Perkie's Observations: Winston Pays a Visit to Julexis on General Hospital

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William deVry, David Lee

William deVry, David Lee

Good evening soap fans. Mike is filling in for Perkie tonight. 

Nina walks in on an angry Valentin, who appears to be missing something from his magic box. Nina wants to help him find it. He claims it doesn't matter. Nina accuses him of holding back. Nina is thrilled that he trusts her after all the torment he endured at the hands of ONE other woman.

Laura tells Anna that Valentin should be neutralized because he's playing mind games. Anna tells Laura that she's working for the WSB. Laura states that she will kill Valentin for Lulu and her granddaughter.

JaSam and Curtis meet to discuss Winston Rudge. The boys tell Sam that they think Julian may not be responsible for the car bomb. They are looking for a mutual enemy of both Julian and Sonny. They wonder if there is a Chinese connection trying to muscle in.

Jason gets a call that the shop is closed and no one is there. He leaves and heads over. Sam fills some guy named Lucas in on their dad's shenanigans. Sam shows him a picture, which has Chinese symbols. Lucas tells her they do not signify good taste like the English script implies. He says it means "reincarnation".

Alexis has a sexy dream about Julian. In real time, he's yelling for her to get up. She wakes up and takes a swig of magic juice. Julian says he's worried about her and Alexis wonders if he has something better to do.

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Julexis banter about his blackmail and their future. He's concerned about her drinking. Julian is focused on their kiss wondering if Alexis is denying it happened. She senses there is something he is not talking about. Just when he is ready to talk, the doorbell rings. Curtis is watches from the bushes as Alexis lets him in.

Curtis gets tipped that the police are going to the pawn shop. He calls Jason. Jason doesn't understand how they found out. As the police cars approach he stands there waiting.

Winston questions Julian about why he didn't tell "the boss" about his address change. He has a video of Alexis running Julian down and leaving the scene. Alexis overhears Julian tell Winston that he loves her. He caresses him intimately and leaves.

Laura sees Lulu and they discuss custody. Laura advises that Lulu may lose out in family court. Laura wants to talk about other options for getting Charlotte like getting shared custody by striking a deal. Lulu ain't happy with this suggestion. Laura has to explain everything to Luke's daughter who doesn't understand the con game her mama is trying to play. That doesn't work, so she tells Lulu to talk to her lawyer and husband.

Anna and Andre discuss the photo. He tells her that someone else may be giving Valentin information. She says that he knows more and says things that are personal, so she doesn't believe that. She relates the memory of Charlotte's song. Anna tells Andre she is determined to finish the memory, no matter how traumatic.

At the pawn shop, Winston tells the cops that the camera doesn't work. At Kelly's, Jason shows Sam and Curtis the sailboat he stole. Sam says the characters on the sailboat read "reincarnation".

Winston returns to the cave and  informs the shadow that the sailboat was taken. Curtis informs Sam that Winston visited Alexis.

Alexis accuses Julian of running mob business in her home. Winston tells the shadow they need to take care of a bigger problem. Jason Morgan.