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Perkie's Observations: Naxie Has Wedding Day Obstacles on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Kirsten Storms

Emme Rylan, Kirsten Storms

It's New Year's Eve in Port Charles, which means it's time for Maxie and Nathan's wedding. Maxie's sick with a bad cold. Felicia, Lulu, and Robin do their best to get her ready, including getting her some cold medications.

Nathan tells Dante that he feels something bad will happen to prevent the wedding. Mac shows up and gives a toast. Nathan tells Mac that he loves Maxie and thanks him for welcoming him into the family. Dante loses the wedding rings. He and Nathan get down on their hands and knees to find them.

Finn's at Hayden's bedside when she wakes up. She's happy that his cure worked, but wonders if he's getting his own cure. Finn reassures her that Brad has been giving him some serum and he's on his way to recovery.

Michael tells Sonny that he wants to ask Nelle out for NY's Eve, but Sonny thinks it's a mistake. He claims that it's because Michael is still grieving. Bobbie overhears and has her own misgivings.

Nelle talks to the "Caroline" baby pacifier and claims she'll be sorry. Carly shows up and says she knows the gloves were from Nelle and not Sonny. Nelle claims she's trying to play matchmaker to get them back together. After Carly leaves, Nelle takes her medication and continues to talk to her rattle. Apparently it was Carly's first Christmas gift ,which she tossed aside.

Dillon tells Tracy that he wants to move back to LA and get back to the career that he wants. Tracy's certain that he's doing it to avoid being around Kiki.

Ava's back from visiting Delia and meets with Kiki to ask her to spend NY's Eve together. Kiki says she has other plans, that has to do with a career.

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Tracy stops by to see Hayden. She tells Finn to go and shower. Finn leaves the room and has a reaction to his new meds. When he returns later, he looks better. Tracy tells him that he's an asset to the hospital and that Monica has given him his job back.

Carly drops in on Sonny and when talk turns to Morgan, she gets emotional. Bobbie offers to get her a tissue, which happen to be in Sonny's room. She finds one of Nelle's medications and heads out.

Sonny gives Carly a gift. Carly decides she should leave, but Sonny asks her to stay.

Nina brings Maxie's shoes for the wedding. She tells Lulu that she's bringing Valentin to the wedding. Lulu accuses Valentin of being a murderer and promises she'll take Charlotte from him. Nina says Lulu doesn't deserve her daughter.

Felicia and Robin are forced to break them up and drags off NIna. Meanwhile, Maxie accidentally takes the nightime cold medication and when Lulu checks on her, Maxie is passed out.

Kiki and Dillon end up on the same bus. Dillon says his flight was grounded so decided to bus it to LA. Kiki says she has a job interview in LA. He offers to get off the bus at the next stop, which won't be for another 5 hours.

Nathan gets a call and tells Dante that the wedding is off.

Michael calls Nelle to ask her out for NY's Eve, but she turns him down. Bobbie shows up at Nelle's door and tells her that she found her medication in Sonny's room.