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Perkie's Observations: Nina Becomes a Cassadine on General Hospital

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Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart

Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart

Robin tells Lulu to get Maxie into a cold shower while she gets coffee, but that just spikes Maxie's fever. The coffee gets spilled onto her wedding dress. With Spinelli and Georgie detained in Chicago, Maxie agrees to postpone the wedding until she's feeling better.

Nathan tells Dante that while going through some of Claudette's things, her mother found the divorce papers. They were unsigned. He's forced to tell Maxie that he's still married to Claudette.

Jordan is happy that Sonny's trial is being moved up and makes nice with Curtis. She offers him a position as an outside private investigator for the PCPD. Curtis turns her down. Andre apologizes to Curtis for interfering with Jordan. Jordan and Andre exchange I love yous and a kiss.

Nina warns Valentin that Lulu is going for sole custody of Charlotte. He worries about it since he doesn't have the same support group that Lulu has around her.

Kiki admits to Dillon that she overheard his comment to Valerie about their night together and that it upset her. Dillon reassures her that he and Valerie are just friends. Kiki admits she left because of him. The two share a bottle of wine and a kiss.

Bobbie confronts Nelle about the medication. Nelle claims she was getting clothes for Carly for the funeral. She spilled the bottle and one must have been left behind. Bobbie has a hard time believing that since the funeral was a month ago. Nelle's upset that Bobbie always thinks the worst of her, so Bobbie promises to back off.

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Bobbie asks about Michael. Nelle says they are just friends. Bobbie gives a veiled warning about not letting anyone hurt her daughter and family. After she leaves, Nelle sends Michael a text to meet her for New Year's Eve.

Carly decides she doesn't want to stay with Sonny since he can't promise that there won't be anymore violence. Sonny wants them to stand together and deal with their grief, but Carly can't.

Robin heads to the church to let everyone know that the wedding is postponed. Later, when Nina and Valentin show up, Lucy tells them about Maxie being sick. Nina proposes to Valentin, saying they can fight Lulu together.

The priest says they need a license, but Valentin calls in a favor and gets it sent to the church. The two recite their vows and the priest pronounces them husband and wife.

Robin pays Sonny a visit and says she's proud that he didn't throw himself off of the bridge over Morgan's death. She asks about Carly and Sonny admits that they are at odds. Robin tells him to prove to Carly that he's worthy of her trust.

Lulu tells Dante that she's filed the paperwork for sole custody of Charlotte. Dante says he's behind her all the way. The two share a kiss.

Sam runs into Carly and questions why she's not with Sonny. Carly says she can't risk anymore because of the business. Sam tells her that you never know how long you have with someone, and to live in the moment.

Carly heads back to Sonny's. The two share a kiss.