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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Has a Drunken Memory of Dead Tom on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Andre hypnotizes Anna to find out what's behind door number one. She gets upset and pulls away. Andre thinks they should try again another day. Anna decides she needs to find out the truth. Anna remembers opening the door and breaking her watch at 11:05 on her birthday.

Nina worries how Charlotte will feel about her marriage to Valentin. He reassures her that the child will be thrilled. Nina wonders what will happen when Claudette returns. Valentin says she won't return because she has no claim on Charlotte.

Franco and Liz discuss him staying away from her until the Tom stuff has been resolved. Tom's brother shows up and accuses Franco of killing Tom. Dr. Obrecht is forced to break up the argument.

Liesl questions why Tom's brother would be coming after Franco. Franco says he did something bad, but promises he didn't kill Tom. Franco's upset that people will believe he did it. Liesl tells him to find out who really killed Tom.

Finn tells Hayden that she might be ready to be released when the lab work comes back clean. Liz has the results that clears both of them. Liz is upset when Hayden mentions that Finn has been using the Zen Zen. Hayden explains that Finn was using it to manage his symptoms, but doesn't need it anymore.

Diane wants to discuss the law review with Alexis, but she's distracted by the news article on Tom's death. She admits to Diane that she saw Tom the night that he died, but doesn't remember any details.

Diane pushes, but Alexis says she woke up in her own bed the next day. She admits that she's been spiraling down and can't shake it.

Maxie's recovering from her flu and is still disappointed that she and Nathan didn't get married. She checks information online. Maxie finds out that Nathan needs to put a notice in the paper. If Claudette doesn't object after 3 weeks, the divorce is final and he can remarry.

Nina shows up to work. Flowers are delivered and Maxie thinks they're from Nathan. Sorry, but it turns out they're from Valentin. Nina explains that she's now Mrs. Cassadine, much to Naxie's horror.

Nina gets angry when Nathan thinks she was coerced into marrying Valentin. She says they're good together and good for Charlotte, which Maxie takes offense to. Nina swears she's a different person because she's stronger now. She wants Nathan to respect her decision.

Nathan questions her love. Nina says she loved Silas and Franco, but her heart got broken. She feels this is the smartest thing she's done.

Nathan tells Maxie that he's worried about Nina, but decides he needs to deal with the Claudette issue first.

Finn has a reaction. He pulls out his giant needle of Zen Zen and shoots up.

Franco goes to the bar. He asks the bartender about the night that Tom was there. Alexis shows up. Here's a question, how did Franco know where Tom had been that night?