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Perkie's Observations: Sam Presses Julian for the Truth on General Hospital

William deVry, Kelly Monaco

William deVry, Kelly Monaco

Sonny and Carly share breakfast the morning after. He wonders if Carly feels it was a mistake. She's not certain how to feel. Carly is glad they were able to comfort each other, but doesn't know if she'd be able to handle it if Sonny breaks her trust again.

Nelle tells Michael that Carly hasn't shown up for work yet. The two wonder if she and Sonny had a night together. Michael tells Nelle that she needs to have more fun and offers to help her with that.

Ava stops by Alexis' to speak with Julian. He mentions how he dumped her booze down the drain. Ava feels he's enabling Alexis. Julian gets angry and starts to say something. Ava questions why he got back into the business. Julian backs off and says it's all on him.

Jason and Curtis stake out a shelter looking for Buzz, the homeless man they believe set the bomb in Julian's car. Sam stops by to check on them, then decides she needs to discuss things with Julian. She calls to meet him.

Alexis eavesdrops while Franco questions the bartender. He claims to knows nothing until Franco gives him money. The bartender says Tom was there and hitting on a woman. She turned him down and left without him.

Franco questions who the woman was, but the bartender claims not to know.

After Franco leaves, the bartender tells Alexis that she was with Tom that night and that he followed her out. Alexis remembers leaving alone, only to have Tom follow her out and proposition her.

Sam meets with Julian. She says she knows he and Rudge are not co-workers and wants to know what kind of trouble he's brought to Alexis. Julian claims he's done business with Rudge in the pawn shop. When Sam pushes, Julian gets angry and tells her to back off.

Sam gets angry and says Julian knows more about the bomb than he's saying. Julian says he didn't plant it. He continues that someone is clearly trying to kill him and might try again, putting her in danger. He warns her to stop digging and to stay out of it.

Michael stops by Sonny's and sees the leftover breakfast. Sonny admits that it was with Carly and that things are looking up. He asks about Michael's evening. He isn't happy to hear that Michael spent it with Nelle. Michael swears he and Nelle are just friends.

Carly gets to work. She admits to Nelle that she and Sonny had a breakthrough and thinks they'll make it. She asks about Nelle and Michael. Nelle says they're just friends and that she has someone in her life already.

Buzz shows up at the shelter. Curtis and Jason interrogate him. He admits that someone paid him to put the bomb in Julians' car, but he thought it was a tracking device. He's shown a photo of both Julian and Rudge. He recognizes the pawn shop owner. Buzz says Rudge's boss was a woman.

Franco returns to the bar as Alexis is paying off the bartender. She claims she's not a regular that she was lost and asking for directions. Franco doesn't believe her and Alexis storms off.

Alexis goes home and gets upset when she sees that Julian dumped out all of her alcohol.