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Perkie's Observations: Laura Gives Liz Some Advice on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis

Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis

Kiki and Dillon return from their going nowhere bus trip. He wonders if the kiss they shared changed anything. Kiki says she'll always feel guilty about Morgan's death, but needs to learn to live with it.

Scott meets with Franco and tells him that they're waiting for the results of any DNA testing on the murder weapon. Franco admits that his knife is missing. He wonders if his father believes that he's not guilty of killing Tom.

Scott questions if Franco has an alibi for that night. Franco is forced to explain how he locked Tom in the cage and was locked in himself. Franco says he's been trying to protect Liz, but realized he went too far. He feels he needs to find the real killer and tells Scott that Tom was with a woman that night.

Laura spends time with Liz's kids, then tells her that they've grown fond of Franco. Laura notices some hesitancy with Liz. Liz tells her about Tom. She thinks that Franco did something bad, but believes he didn't kill Tom.

Liz says Franco is pulling away and says she understands why. Laura says everyone has shades of good and bad in them and questions whether Franco's good outweighs his bad.

Buzz explains to Jason and Curtis that he went to the pawn shop to confront Rudge when he overheard the female boss order his hit. Jason questions how Buzz got in and out of the shop unnoticed. Buzz explains that there's an underground passage with a secret office.

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Rudge tells "the boss" that he hasn't been able to locate Buzz, but promises he'll find him. He also mentions JaSam's suspicions and says he'll take care of it.

Alexis is angry that Julian has emptied the house of all liquor. He tells her to go 12 hours without a drink to prove she doesn't have a problem. Alexis decides to leave, but Julian warns he'll call in everyone and stage an intervention.

Sam meets back up with the boys and tells them about her meeting with Julian. She says he was trying to warn her that they may be a target. She believes Rudge was responsible for the car bomb and not her father.

Jason and Curtis head to the pawn shop only to find the secret office empty.

Kiki and Dillon make out until Liz shows up at the door looking for Franco. Dillon decides maybe they should wait.

Scott gets the lab results back. It turns out there were no prints on the weapon, which doesn't prove that Franco is innocent. Franco spots someone taking a selfie and decides to check online. Sure enough, Franco finds a photo of Tom with Alexis in the background.

Alexis has a memory of the night Tom attacked her and starts to panic. She tells Julian that she killed someone.