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Perkie's Observations: Ava Smacks Down Sam's Accusations on General Hospital

Maura West, Kelly Monaco

Maura West, Kelly Monaco

Curtis and Jason find the secret office deserted. Someone locks them in and sets the place on fire. The two are forced to MacGyver their way out. It truly was "edge of your seat suspense" there for awhile. Yeah, not really.

Before Carly has a chance to tell Bobbie about her reconciliation with Sonny, Nelle jumps in and spills the beans. This makes Bobbie suspicious again. Carly mentions Josslyn's returning soon. Nelle suggests that Carly fly to Australia to bring her back, giving her a chance to warn Josslyn of her reunion with Sonny. Carly asks about the guy that Nelle has been dating. She's coy in her answers, which makes Carly think that Nelle is dating a married man.

Diane wants to prep Sonny for his upcoming trial, but he tells her that Jason is gathering evidence to prove who was really responsible. Diane asks about Carly. Sonny assures her that his wife will be by his side in court.

Alexis explains to Julian how she fought with Tom, then got a hold of the knife. She doesn't remember anything after that until she woke up in her own bed the next morning. Julian thinks this means she didn't kill Tom.

Franco shows Scott the photo of Alexis and Tom. He is determined it means she that killed him, but Scott doesn't believe it to be all that damning.

Sam stops by Ava's to see Julian. She is annoyed to find that he's not there and hasn't been for awhile. Sam tells Ava that Rudge has a female boss and believes that it's Ava. Ava laughs in Sam's face and tells her buh-bye.

Bobbie confronts Nelle about her meddlesome ways. Nelle says she's only trying to be helpful and has her done her job well. Nelle brings up Bobbie's hooker past, but Bobbie shuts her down like nobody's business. Bobbie warns Nelle to watch her step.

Curtis is worried that they don't have any evidence to bring to Jordan. Jason says they aren't going to the cops because it will send Rudge and his boss into hiding. Sam shows up and updates them that Ava's not the boss.

Franco stops by Alexis' to ask for help in proving that he didn't kill Tom. Alexis denies any knowledge of Tom, but Franco shows her the photo. Alexis says they never met and kicks him out.

Carly tells Sonny that she's going to Australia and to lean on Nelle if he needs to. She talks about Nelle having a boyfriend who may be married. Sonny summons Nelle over for a chat.

Alexis is worried that Franco will go to the police with the picture. Julian says it just means that she and Tom crossed paths, but not that she killed him. He says she needs to fix this, but needs to be sober to do it.