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Perkie's Observations: Naxie Get News About Claudette on General Hospital

Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey

Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey

Alexis is all twitchy and Julian feels that she's going through withdrawals. She knows she needs to be sober to remember what happened. Julian asked who she spoke with that night. Alexis says the bartender was aware of her, but doesn't think anyone saw her in the alley.

Jason hands Sam the photo that he found at the pawn shop. She thinks it might be Julian. The two decide Sonny needs an update.

Sonny reminds Nelle that they agreed not to discuss their night together and questions why she said anything to Carly. Nelle says she was just trying to deflect Carly's attention on her love life. Sonny tells her to keep quiet.

Maxie and Nathan are in Canada, trying to find information on Claudette's whereabouts. The two discuss moving into a house once they're officially married. They get a visit from a local police officer who tells them that the body of a woman was pulled from a river, an apparent suicide. The officer says the fingerprints match Claudette and she's officially declared dead.

Valentin and Nina announce to Charlotte that they've gotten married and she's thrilled with the news. Valentin pulls out wedding rings that he's picked out and the two exchange the rings with Charlotte as a witness. Valentin gets a call from the Canadian officer who relays that he's done as he asked.

Kiki tells Franco that she and Dillon are together and that she's stopped fighting her feelings for him. Franco's happy for her. He then tells her about Tom's murder and that he's a suspect. Franco says he knows who the murderer is, but since he's hurt someone in her family, he doesn't want to go to the police.

Kiki tells Franco that Liz stopped by to see him and that he has a chance with her. Franco still doesn't want to out the murderer but decides he can't go to prison.

Jason and Sam stop by Sonny's as Nelle is leaving. Jason tells Sonny that Julian wasn't involved in the bombing and that the boss is a woman. Jason thinks the woman has a personal tie to Julian, but Sonny thinks it's just a cover. When Sam leaves the room, Jason asks about Nelle. Sonny believes she's not as innocent as she appears.

Alexis starts hallucinating that Tom is accusing her of killing him, which confuses Julian. Alexis sees herself holding the bloody murder weapon and then the dagger. She yells at Julian that he hurt her and doesn't love her. Alexis loses it, crying that she wants a drink as Julian tries to comfort her.