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Perkie's Observations: Liz Defends Franco on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Vinessa Antoine, Dominic Zamprogna

Rebecca Herbst, Vinessa Antoine, Dominic Zamprogna

Jordan and Dante show up at Franco's studio with a search warrant. Jordan shows him a photo of the murder weapon and asks if he's familiar with it. Franco admits that it's an art tool, but he currently doesn't own one.

Dante spots the dog crate. Franco spins a yarn about having a dog for Jake, which is now with Monica. He says he never got rid of the crate. Franco gets tired of talking and leaves them there to search.

Alexis wakes up on the couch with Julian and decides she's going to turn herself in to the police. Julian stops her and tells her not to make life decisions right now. Alexis decides to go to an AA meeting. She knows she needs help, but doesn't want it from him.

Maxie and Nathan return from Canada to find Lulu cleaning up their wedding presents. They explain that Claudette committed suicide. Lulu doesn't believe it. She thinks Valentin is responsible, which causes Maxie to warn Lulu not to do anything stupid or dangerous. Apparently, she hasn't met Lulu "I'm Going To Do Something Stupid No Matter What You say" Spencer.

Lulu asks about wedding plans. Maxie says Nathan is still dealing with Claudette's death, so there will be no wedding right now.

Anna hands Valentin the photo of her. She says she knows he was in training at the same time she was. Anna admits that she doesn't remember much, just that it was her birthday. Anna says she's determined to find out what he did to her, but Valentin says that it's what she did to him.

Liz and Laura believe in recycling scripts and have the exact same conversation they had three days ago. Liz believes if she's not ready to accept that Franco is a changed man, that makes her a coward.

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Julian has one of his minions drag Gene to the house. He shows him a photo of Alexis. Gene says he recognizes her. Julian tells him that he doesn't and threatens him to keep his mouth shut.

Franco meets with Scott and tells him that the police are at his studio. Scott asks if they'll find anything. Franco admits that he never got rid of the dog cage. Scott tells him to tell the police that Alexis could be the killer. Franco refuses.

Franco thinks he should leave town. Scott says it would be an admission of guilt and promises to keep Franco out of jail.

Liz ends up at Franco's studio and isn't happy to see Dante and Jordan. Dante shows her the weird painting of Tom which she grudgingly admits to. Liz spots the dog cage and reacts. When Jordan pushes, Liz denies any knowledge of anything, and adds that Franco is innocent. Jordan warns Liz that she can't save Franco.

Jordan decides she wants to bring the cage in to be tested. Dante finds a receipt for an art supply store that shows Franco bought a knife like the murder weapon.

Alexis runs into Laura at the hospital and the two discuss Valentin. Laura says Lulu may need some of Alexis' legal guidance when she takes on Valentin. Alexis sits in on a meeting.

Lulu tells Laura about Claudette's death. Laura warns her to be careful, but Lulu is determined to get her daughter away from Valentin.

As Franco is leaving the roadhouse, he gets a call from Liz. Before he can answer, someone knocks him out.