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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Opens Up at Her Meeting on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Finn teaches Hayden how to skate, then the two head back to his hotel room. Hayden almost catches Finn with his giant needle, but he deflects her. Later, the two make love.

Nathan has a surprise in store for Maxie and recruits Nina and Dillon. Nathan tells Nina about Claudette and how he doesn't believe she committed suicide. The two argue about Valentin's possible involvement.

Valentin runs into Lante, and is told that Claudette is dead. Lulu and Valentin argue about it. Valentin worries how Charlotte will react. Lulu feels he should tell her that Lulu is her mother, but Valentin disagrees.

Alexis explains herself to the members of the AA meeting and considers herself a victim. She tells them that she's done something she can't live with.

Liz and Kiki worry when Franco is a no-show for work. Kiki says she wants Franco to tell the police who the real killer is. Kiki says it's a woman that Franco feels badly for hurting. Liz wonders if he's gone on the run.

Maxie decides she doesn't want to work on the latest Crimson wedding issue. She wants to leave, but Dillon talks her into staying.

Valentin tells Charlotte that Claudette died.

Lante help Nathan get Maxie's dream wedding together. Dillon and Nina are in charge of getting Maxie ready, but she disappears on them.

Liz sees Alexis leaving the meeting and figures out she's the woman Franco's protecting.  

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