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Perkie's Observations: Jason Rebuffs Sonny's Advances on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Nina explains to everyone that Maxie disappeared before they could spring the wedding on her. Lulu checks her computer and Nathan realizes that Maxie's gone to the airport.

At the airport, Maxie's looking for a flight to Portland, but they're full. Spinelli shows up, which surprises Maxie. Spin says he's in town to help Sam with a job. When Maxie brings up Georgie, Spin claims Ellie's taken her to Disney World. Spin convinces Maxie to go back and talk to Nathan.

While at the hospital for a check-up, Rudge informs Julian about what happened at the pawn shop. He adds that Jason needs to be taken care of. Julian says he's not killing his son-in-law and that he's done doing the boss' bidding.

Julian says he's done everything they wanted him to in order to protect his family. He warns Rudge that he'll tell everyone about the boss if they don't leave him alone.

Curtis tells Jordan that Sonny's not responsible for Morgan's death. He explains about Buzz and Rudge. Jordan wants a statement from Buzz, but Curtis says he gave his word to protect him. Jordan agrees to meet Buzz on Curtis' terms.

Jason and Sam update Sonny on the latest, which isn't much. When Sam leaves the room, Sonny tells Jason that he wants him back in the business where he belongs. Sam hears Jason say that he belongs with his wife and kids. Sam has cramps, so the two head to the hospital to check it out. Luckily, it turns out to be a false alarm.

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Maxie is shocked when she gets back to Crimson and everyone tells her that it's her wedding day. Spin calls Dante and Nathan to come back from the airport. Lulu, Robin, Felicia, and Nina give Maxie their something old, borrowed, new, and blue. Nathan thanks Dante for everything and tells him he's like a brother to him.

Griffin stops by Sonny's on his way to the wedding. Sonny confesses that he slept with someone. He wonders if he should tell Carly and Michael knowing it will hurt them. Father Doctor Munro is pretty wishy-washy in his non-committal answer. He advises Sonny that he will know what to do when the time is right.

Michael takes Nelle to the rink, but she doesn't want to skate since it brings up painful childhood memories. Apparently, she was poor don't ya know. Michael tells her to let go of all her baggage.

As Julian leaves the hospital, he runs into JaSam. He tells them that there's something they need to know.

Rudge lets the boss know that Julian isn't participating anymore and then calls a minion to grab Leo.

Olivia gets a call that something happened to Leo.  

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