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Ex-General Hospital star Amber Tamblyn's Paint It Black Gets Snapped Up For Spring Release

Amber Tambl

Amber Tambl

Former General Hospital actress Amber Tamblyn's first crack at directing is making serious strides. Tamblyn's indie film, Pain It Black has just recently been acquired by Imagination Worldwide along with all the global rights. Per Deadline, the film is slated for an April release and was just featured at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Palm Spring fest. 

Based on the Janet Fitch novel by the same name, the story centers on two women from different walks of life coming together after a man they both loved dies. The women are soon caught in a dark and twisted relationship based on blind need and distrust.

Tamblyn released a statement to the trade site:

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“This movie has been eight years in the making for me, and I’m so honored to call Imagination Worldwide my partner in its release,” Tamblyn said. “My hope was to make a movie that was as visually intoxicating as it is psychologically — a true and twisted look at the violent, terrifying and beautiful subconscious lives of women in the throes of major life changes. I wanted to make a film about the literal way in which women grieve, not a film about women’s grief. Think David Lynch directing Grey Gardens, only with a deeper and more dangerous emotional intelligence.”